WCA Competitions

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Registration Popo4123 2014-11-05
competition in mumbai Ojas Nimaje 2015-10-24
How to change our username?? Om Agasge 2015-09-26
how to be a Delegate Ojas Nimaje 2015-09-15
Hygiene (timers) Natalia_Rubiks 2015-01-17
Sakarben Karamshi Somaiya Sabhagruh (Auditorium) Ojas Nimaje 2015-09-25
Name of the auditorium???? Om Agasge 2015-09-22
Name of the auditorium???? Om Agasge 2015-09-22
wca should pay for everyone for transport Ojas Nimaje 2015-09-15
Competition in school by WCA in india Ojas Nimaje 2015-09-03
give 2 moves scramble in 2x2 as rami sbahi got Ojas Nimaje 2015-09-09
Possible new events damo 2015-08-18
new event jackkelly2004 2015-06-20
Mit, Harvard, Lexington, Montreal. Edward Habeck 2015-06-22
Organising a competion in a small countrey Zeid 2015-07-30
Competitions in New Jersey or eastern PA collincasecuber 2015-07-10
New Official Event Idea AutomaticCuber 2015-06-28
Comp in Washington kenobi1st 2015-06-18
compititions jackkelly2004 2015-06-20
Compitions near Philadelphia jackkelly2004 2015-06-20
Compititions near Philadelphia jackkelly2004 2015-06-20
Comp in Cairns Australia IJTheCuber 2015-06-08
Requirements for a competition Merkurijus 2015-05-17
COMPETITION IN GEORGIA CubersCorner 2015-05-14
The name did not appear in the list yet... kovaikavitha 2015-05-07
Competition in Jordan ?!? Zeid 2015-05-05
Scrambling PigsFTW 2015-05-01
New Competition in Sydney, Australia? E-PiCuber7 2015-02-13
New idea for competition: Team Relay from 2x2 to 7x7 SimoneCiancottiP 2011-10-24
Competition in New England? CubingInTheShadows 2014-12-16
Athens Open 20?? Psycho 2015-03-24
Competition in malaysia or singapore? ooiankang 2015-01-08
Cutoff change BOSSCUBER 2015-03-31
is east sheen intellectual cube good??? mspinkchick76 2015-02-19
organize a comppition hitesh1994 2015-03-19
New Competitions in Western Nebraska? NoahGriffin 2015-03-14
River Hill Winter 2015 Missing Cubes CSaroff 2015-03-08
Gear Cube as an event? Natalia_Rubiks 2015-01-03
Competitions in Bangalore kodavali 2015-02-23
Competition in Philippines??? mspinkchick76 2015-02-19
New Competitions? Wicuber 2014-10-05
competition in lebanon? shadilebanon 2015-02-01
Competition in Brooklyn Matt11111 2015-01-27
New England Competition donticketking 2015-01-26
Competitions in UK NathanA39 2015-01-23
2x2-4x4 Relay nethsen 2014-12-12
More Competitions in Sydney E-PiCuber7 2014-12-18
Competition in Switzerland? Sadiq 2014-12-09
What is the next step for an Official competition in Chile? Mati rubik 2009-02-19
to organize a cubing competition in my clg SAITEJA 2014-11-06
How to change my wca profile name??? gurram kalyan kumar 2014-09-21
Competition in New Delhi,India? Shivam Gupta 2014-09-24
Competition in Israel? RonLM1 2014-08-20
Will there ever be a WCA Competition in Ireland? Electron 2014-08-17
Mastermorphix As A New Event? igaby 2014-04-20
BBC News interview tomdecastella 2014-04-25
3x3 results missing? TechnoramaGaming 2014-03-31
Compititions in Ireland? D3LuK4 2010-12-29
when is the next competition in Mexico? evelynchaav 2014-01-13
Surveys At Competitions & Getting Faster igaby 2013-12-27
Competitions Near Chicago Deathranger999 2013-08-09
+2 record arashMJ 2013-09-18
Delegates?? ILoveBLDFMC 2013-09-15
next international championship evelynchaav 2013-07-28
SO CLOSE to round 2... TechnoramaGaming 2013-06-22
Yale Fall 2013 TechnoramaGaming 2013-06-22
RUBIK COVER BOX?? JorgeGomez200 2013-06-02
Competition making Lucas012 2013-05-29
israel comp? icecube12 2012-10-02
Competitions in the Caribbean?? soundsower 2012-07-18
GEL Open 2012 - Observation Radu 2012-09-15
New idea for competitons: new way to make groups LorenzoViganiPoli 2011-05-20
Euro 2012 gagou9 2012-07-08
W.C.A delegate Cubegeek 2008-03-31
Delegate from other country Ankita 2011-12-01
Southwest Tournament squarefreak 2009-05-13
Rule-breaking at Taiwan Spring Open 2011 CorneliusD 2011-04-02
UK Competitions? BillyF2LRain 2011-03-13
Competition Website Tool Flo 2010-09-12
.PDF Scramble generator MadsMohr 2010-12-19
Geneva March open ishumprod 2010-12-03
WCA number Batorp 2009-02-20
Lyon Winter Open 2011 Sheldon 2010-11-06
bug for V-CUBE Spiel 2010 ?? spols 2010-10-24
Printing scrambles of 4x4-7x7 Ron 2010-09-13
irregularity during some competitions spols 2010-06-28
Competitions in Serbia CubieGrimm 2010-08-18
Hawaii MostUseless 2008-11-05
Request to become a delegate for Singapore kastellorizo 2009-07-06
North American Open cubetalk 2008-12-10
qualified judges Edward_Lin 2009-03-24
More in America Roboguy777 2008-12-24
A new competition event from China(need for your help to tra tonylu 2009-02-06
Berkeley Spring - Question byu 2009-04-09
Czech Open 2009 Ton 2009-03-31
Northern Ireland Comp? Tyrannous 2009-02-15
1st round 3x3 restrictions rxdeath 2009-01-30
Psu competition cubetalk 2009-02-12
Championnat de France 2009 metaphore 2009-02-12
swiss open : regulations gagou9 2009-02-05
bc competition Haiza 2009-01-28
2009 Thailand Open cubetalk 2008-12-19
Pittsburgh Cubelet 2008-05-11
US National Rubik's Cube Championships and Open 2009 Tyson 2008-11-21
Cleveland cvd316316 2008-12-02
consultant needed CallmeAl 2008-09-30
Music Video; Casting for speed cubers in NW area jaceti 2008-10-12
Events in England CUBE80S 2007-03-15
Michigan Joe Carlton 2007-08-12
Scrambler EmersonHerrmann 2008-06-20
Australia? Megapup 2008-01-14
United States 2008 Championships Tyson 2006-07-03
Rubiks Worlds 2007 pjk 2006-10-11
Decision on Florida Open 2007 Ron 2007-04-24
Idaho Open 2007 frankmorris 2007-02-27
2006 Events Alton 2006-11-01
Competition punjabipimp 2005-10-27
Who will go to WC 2005? Ron 2005-05-14
Idaho Open 2005 results accepted as official Ron 2005-09-21
Caltech Spring Competition 2007 2007-02-24
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