More Competitions in Sydney

E-PiCuber7 (2014-12-18 00:46:21 +0000)
I was just wondering if maybe in the first half of next year, we could have some more competitions in Sydney? Some cubers (like me) can only afford to have one in Sydney, not in places like Melbourne, or Brazil (yes, I'm referring to Worlds next year), or maybe even Worlds 2017 in Australia somewhere (again, preferably Sydney). Even like a SydneySpring2015 would do. Thanks!
gagou9 (2014-12-18 13:10:47 +0000)
Hi, Organisers are volunteers, and everyone wants a competition close to where they live, but it's not how it works! Don't you find hard to say "please organise a comp next to my place. thanks" ? Organise a comp takes some time, needs a lot of energy, and organisers won't just "organise more competitions". I hope you understand that competitions don't just appear on the WCA website, there is a lot of work behind. So, either meet an organiser in Sydney, and learn how to organise a comp yourself, and then go for it, or keep an eye on the Australian WCA page ( ... =Australia) Have fun!