WCA Regulations and Guidelines: Translations

If you speak a language other than English, you may find these translations useful.

Please note that translations do not have any official status, even though they are provided on the WCA website: they do not come with any guarantees. If there is a difference between a translation and the (current official) English version, the English version must be used.



Version Language
2024-01-01 简体中文 (Chinese)
2024-01-01 Deutsch (German)
2024-01-01 Slovenščina (Slovenian)
2024-01-01 Español Latino (Spanish, America)
2024-01-01 Svenska (Swedish)
2024-01-01 Tiếng Việt (Vietnamese)


Version Language
2023-08-01 Русский (Russian)
2023-08-01 Português Brasileiro (Portuguese, Brazil)
2023-08-01 繁體中文 (Chinese, Traditional)
2022-01-01 Italiano (Italian)
2021-05-01 日本語 (Japanese)
2021-05-01 Suomi (Finnish)
2020-01-01 Қазақ (Kazakh)
2018-01-01 Bahasa (Indonesian)
2018-01-01 Français (French)
2018-01-01 Nederlands (Dutch)
2016-04-18 한국어 (Korean)
2016-04-18 Magyar (Hungarian)
2016-04-18 Hrvatski (Croatian)
2015-07-01 Español de España (Spanish, Spain)
2015-07-01 Português Europeu (Portuguese, Europe)
2014-01-01 Беларуская мова (Belarusian)

Translating the Regulations

If you are interested in adding/updating a translation, please view the instructions on the GitHub repository for translations.

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