WCA Guidelines

Version: January 1, 2024


WCA Regulations

The WCA Guidelines supplement the WCA Regulations. Please see the Regulations for more information about the WCA.


Guidelines are numbered in correspondence with related regulations. Note that multiple Guidelines may correspond to the same Regulation, and some Guidelines correspond to Regulations that do not exist anymore.


To be more informative, each Guideline is classified using one of the following labels. Note that this should be treated as metadata, not as a description of importance.


Article 1: Officials

Article 2: Competitors

Article 3: Puzzles

Article 4: Scrambling

Article 5: Puzzle Defects

Article 7: Environment

Article 9: Events

Article 10: Solved State

Article 11: Incidents

Article 12: Notation

Article A: Speed Solving

Article B: Blindfolded Solving

Article C: One-Handed Solving

Article E: Fewest Moves Solving

Article F: Clock Solving

Article H: Multi-Blind Solving

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