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Committees and Teams

WCA Board of Directors -
The World Cube Association is led by the WCA Board. They are responsible for general inquiries and the WCA organization as a whole.
Members: Blake Thompson, Ethan Pride, Somya Srivastava

WCA Communication Team (WCT) -
The WCT is in charge of overseeing and supporting communications of the WCA with the community and general public. They should be contacted if you have general questions about the WCA or their social media appearance.
Members: Rui Reis (leader), Albert Garriga Gea, Ben Wakelin, Chenxi Shan (单晨曦), Lauren Clement, Lauren Phung, Mikela Elleby Jørgensen, Ryan Simpson, Syed Zain Ali Behzaad, Tianyu Zhao (赵天愉), Vlad Hordiienko, Yash Budhiraja, and Zongwei Sun(孙宗伟)

WCA Competition Announcement Team (WCAT) -
This committee has the role to approve and announce WCA Competitions and ensure such announcements adhere to WCA quality standards.
Members: Wilson Alvis (陈智胜) (leader), Chris Martin, Daniel Vædele Egdal, Joyce Peh, Lars Johan Folde, Modest Podzolkin, Nevins Chan Pak Hoong (陈百鸿), Ng Kang Zhe (黄康哲), Peter Preston, Roman Wofford, Shain Longbehn, Sofía Guerrero Neto, and Zeke Mackay

WCA Disciplinary Committee (WDC) -
The WDC investigates a variety of situations and proposes solutions, including punishments when necessary. Among other topics, these situations could be serious violations of WCA Regulations or community issues. If you have experienced any of these, feel free to approach this committee.
Members: Sebastiano Tronto (leader), Alexander Katyukov (Александр Катюков), Arthur Garcin, Carter Kucala, Christopher Morris, Josete Sánchez, Jules Desjardin, Maria Beausang, Matteo Dummar, Nicholas McKee, Samuel Baird, and Shain Longbehn

WCA Ethics Committee (WEC) -
This committee has the role to ensure that all the procedures followed by the WCA Staff and External Staff abide by its Code of Ethics.
Members: Enzo Mattos (leader), Franklin Pham, Georel Ulangkaya, Guilherme Santana Campos, Ivan Ros Godia, Jake Roberts, Lennon Hughes, Shresth Shah, Stone Amsbaugh, and Syed Zain Ali Behzaad

WCA Executive Assistants Team (WEAT) -
This team is responsible for carrying out the administrative tasks of the WCA Board of Directors.
Members: Lisa Kucala, Peri Le Dain, Thaynara Santana de Oliveira, and Vicki Otsu

WCA Financial Committee (WFC) -
The WFC is responsible for everything regarding finances within the WCA. They manage the finances and accounts of the WCA in accordance with an approved annual budget proposal, which is also their work to provide on a regular basis.
Members: James Molloy (leader), Andrea Doerner, Daniel James, Edward Hollingdale, Pratik Poojary, Raymond Goslow, and Yinte Dik

WCA Marketing Team (WMT) -
This team is responsible for developing and managing the WCA Brand, seeking sponsorships, supporting the distribution of WCA Competition Gear, and marketing WCA Merchandise.
Members: Saransh Grover (leader), Aidan Blackett, Bradley Sampson, Hargun Singh Tikku, Hariprasad CM, Nick Silvestri, and Tine Kalač

WCA Quality Assurance Committee (WQAC) -
This committee has the role to support and promote continuous quality improvement within the WCA, as well as worldwide application of quality standards to ensure consistent high quality of processes, WCA Staff, Regional Organizations, Competition Organizers, and Competition Staff.
Members: Daniel Vædele Egdal (leader), Bertie Longden, Deni Mintsaev (Дени Минцаев), and Nevins Chan Pak Hoong (陈百鸿)

WCA Regulations Committee (WRC) -
The WRC handles all issues which are related to the application, the improvement and the development of the WCA Regulations. They support WCA Delegates on any kind of procedural matters happening at competitions and decide on unresolved and uncovered incidents. The WRC regularly publishes WCA internal reports to help all WCA Delegates and improve their knowledge of the Regulations. If you would like to take part in regulation development or propose changes you can reach out to the WRC by contacting them via mail or discussions on GitHub.
Members: Antonio Kam Ho Tung (甘浩東) (leader), Andrew Tyberg, Carter Kucala, Celine Tran, Ekaterina Kaneva, Gennaro Monetti, Han Wu (吳翰), Iván Brigidano Pérez, João Vinícius de A. Santos, Lucas Garron, Oliver Wheat, and Patrick Ponce

WCA Results Team (WRT) -
The WRT is responsible for managing all data in the databases of the WCA, most importantly competition results and person data. They are posting results of WCA competitions to the WCA website, once the WCA Delegate of the competition has sent them in. Apart from posting competition results, the WCA Results Team is also responsible for making corrections to competition results if necessary and they are in charge of administering all WCA profile pages. This includes for example changing user data, like dates of birth, according to verified requests and managing profile picture requests.
Members: Sébastien Auroux (leader), Brandon Reichman, Callum James Goodyear, Daniel James, Eleanor Sinnott, Ivan Ros Godia, Jacob Ambrose, James Holdsworth, Jungwoo Kim (김정우), Modest Podzolkin, Oliver Hexter, Philippe Virouleau, Sam Spendla, Simon Kellum, Sukesh Kumar, and Timo Norrkniivilä

WCA Software Team (WST) -
The WST is responsible for the maintenance and management of all software of the WCA. They also develop new software for various tasks within the WCA whenever needed. If you have suggestions and ideas for further website development or if you would like to report errors and bugs, feel free to contact them! The WCA website is a huge open source project on GitHub, so if you are interested in helping to develop for the WCA, take a look there.
Members: Gregor Billing (leader), Alexandre Henrique Afonso Campos, Cailyn Hoover, Daniel James, Deni Mintsaev (Дени Минцаев), Duncan Hobbs, Finn Ickler, Jonatan Kłosko, Joseph Coppin, Kerrie Jarman, Kevin Matthews, Meenakshi Muralidharan, Richard Jiankun Peng (彭健坤), and Simon Kelly

WCA Sports Organization Team (WSOT) -
This team has the role to oversee and support the recognition of the WCA as an international sports organization.
Members: Ethan Pride (leader), Chris Mills, Nico Bezzerides, Sean Moran, and Soma Török

WCA Archive Team (WAT) -
The WCA Archive Team is an Advisory Committee of the WCA. This team has the role to oversee and support the development of an archive of the organization.
Members: William Gan Wei Ren (颜伟仁) (leader), Antoine Piau, Braden Richards, Fiona Wang, Hippolyte Moreau, John Edison Ubaldo (ᜇ᜔ᜌᜓ︀ᜈ᜔ ᜁᜇᜒᜐᜓ︀ᜈ᜔ ᜂᜊᜎ᜔ᜇᜓ︀), Louis Meunier, Sherry Tao, and Stone Amsbaugh


WCA Advisory Council (WAC) -
This council is responsible for building and maintaining bilateral communication between the WCA Community and the WCA Staff.
Members: Ekaterina Kaneva (leader), Abhijeet Ghodgaonkar, Annika Stein, Baha Alshwaiki, Gennaro Monetti, Ivan Ros Godia, Logan Day-Richter, Marcus Laurantzon, and Zeke Mackay

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