WCA Results Export

On this page we offer the WCA results for download in several formats so you can use/analyze them at large. We will usually update after each competition weekend when the results are finalized. The files are numbered and dated so you can see whether you have the newest version already.

SQL: WCA_export170_20240618T000053Z.sql.zip (197 MB) (permalink)
SQL statements, for import into SQL databases.
TSV: WCA_export170_20240618T000053Z.tsv.zip (190 MB) (permalink)
Tab-separated values, for spreadsheets in OpenOffice.org, Excel, etc.

The included README.md file contains the terms of use and a general description (in English, not translated):

# World Cube Association – Results Database Export

- Date: June 18, 2024
- Export Format Version: 1.0.0
- Contact: WCA Results Team (https://www.worldcubeassociation.org/contact?contactRecipient=wrt)
- Website: https://www.worldcubeassociation.org/export/results

## Description

This database export contains public information about all official WCA
competitions, WCA members, and WCA competition results.

## Goal

The goal of this database export is to provide members of the speedcubing
community a practical way to perform analysis on competition information for
statistical and personal purposes.

## Allowed Use

The information in this file may be re-published, in whole or in part, as long
as users are clearly notified of the following:

> This information is based on competition results owned and maintained by the
> World Cube Assocation, published at https://worldcubeassociation.org/results
> as of June 18, 2024.

## Acknowledgements

The WCA database was originally created and maintained by:

- Clément Gallet, France
- Stefan Pochmann, Germany
- Josef Jelinek, Czech Republic
- Ron van Bruchem, Netherlands

The database contents are now maintained by the WCA Results Team, and the
software for the database is maintained by the WCA Software Team:

## Date and Format Version

The export contains a `metadata.json` file, with the following fields:

| Field                   | Sample Value              |
| `export_date`           | `"2024-06-18T19:29:55+00:00"` |
| `export_format_version` | `"1.0.0"` |

If you regularly process this export, we recommend that you check the
`export_format_version` value in your program and and review your code if the
major part of the version (the part before the first `.`) changes.

If you are processing the exported data using an automated system, we recommend
using a cron job to check the API endpoint at:
You can use the `export_date` to detect if there is a new export, and the
`sql_url` and `tsv_url` will contain the URLs for the corresponding downloads.

## Format (version 1.0.0)

The database export consists of these tables:

| Table                                   | Contents                                           |
| Persons                                 | WCA competitors                                    |
| Competitions                            | WCA competitions                                   |
| Events                                  | WCA events (3x3x3 Cube, Megaminx, etc)             |
| Results                                 | WCA results per competition+event+round+person     |
| RanksSingle                             | Best single result per competitor+event and ranks  |
| RanksAverage                            | Best average result per competitor+event and ranks |
| RoundTypes                              | The round types (first, final, etc)                |
| Formats                                 | The round formats (best of 3, average of 5, etc)   |
| Countries                               | Countries                                          |
| Continents                              | Continents                                         |
| Scrambles                               | Scrambles                                          |
| championships                           | Championship competitions                          |
| eligible_country_iso2s_for_championship | See explanation below                              |

Most of the tables should be self-explanatory, but here are a few specific details:

### Countries

`Countries` stores include those from the Wikipedia list of countries at
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries, and may include some countries
that no longer exist. The ISO2 column should reflect ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
country codes, for countries that have them. Custom codes may be used in some

### Scrambles

`Scrambles` stores all scrambles.

For `333mbf`, an attempt is comprised of multiple newline-separated scrambles.
However, newlines can cause compatibility issues with TSV parsers. Therefore, in
the TSV version of the data we replace each newline in a `333mbf` scramble with
the `|` character.

### eligible_country_iso2s_for_championship

`eligible_country_iso2s_for_championship` stores information about which
citizenships are eligible to win special cross-country championship types.

For example, `greater_china` is a special championship type which contains 4
`iso2` values: `CN`, `HK`, `MC` and `TW`. This means that any competitor from
China, Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan is eligible to win a competition with
championship type `greater_china`.

### Results

Please see https://www.worldcubeassociation.org/regulations/#article-9-events
for information about how results are measured.

Values of the `Results` table can be interpreted as follows:

- The result values are in the following fields `value1`, `value2`, `value3`, `value4`, `value5`,
  `best`, and `average`.
- The value `-1` means DNF (Did Not Finish).
- The value `-2` means DNS (Did Not Start).
- The value `0` means "no result". For example a result in a `best-of-3` round
  has a value of `0` for the `value4`, `value5`, and `average` fields.
- Positive values depend on the event; see the column "format" in Events.

  - Most events have the format "time", where the value represents centiseconds.
    For example, 8653 means 1 minute and 26.53 seconds.
  - The format "number" means the value is a raw number, currently only used by
    "fewest moves" for number of moves.
    - Fewest moves averages are stored as 100 times the average, rounded.
  - The format "multi" is for old and new multi-blind, encoding the time as well
    as the number of cubes attempted and solved. This is a decimal value,
    which can be interpreted ("decoded") as follows:

        old: 1SSAATTTTT
             solved        = 99 - SS
             attempted     = AA
             timeInSeconds = TTTTT (99999 means unknown)
        new: 0DDTTTTTMM
             difference    = 99 - DD
             timeInSeconds = TTTTT (99999 means unknown)
             missed        = MM
             solved        = difference + missed
             attempted     = solved + missed

    In order to encode data, use the following procedure:

             solved        = # cubes solved
             attempted     = # cubes attempted
             missed        = # cubes missed = attempted - solved
             DD            = 99 - (solved - missed)
             TTTTT         = solve time in seconds
             MM            = missed

    Note that this is designed so that a smaller decimal value means a better
    result. This format does not support more than 99 attempted cubes, or times
    greater than 99999 seconds (about 27.7 hours).
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