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tonylu (2009-02-06 15:16:22 +0000)
There is a project about a new kind of competition event. But I wrote it in Chinese which is my native language. I can not translate it because of my poor English. Is there anyone can do the job? thanks a lot! - the main idea of it: mix up the speed cubing and the minimum steps event most comfort to the high level cube(I do not know the name of it ect.4×4×4 or 5×5×5) - the original text: - 能否有这样的项目 所有参赛者提前获得同一条打乱公式 而后同场竞技 以时间最短者为胜 ~ 特点 ~ 此项目不单纯考察选手速拧能力 还与最少步数解法和组合公式的能力有机结合 因为显然只有尽量缩短还原步骤并使其操作过程尽量顺手方可获胜 又不像最少步数项目那般拘泥于还原步数 ~ 优势 ~ 1使三阶比赛平均成绩进入10秒成为可能 比赛过程更加赏心悦目 2对选手要求多元化而不刻板 在手速 最少步数 手法组合任一方面的优势都可以拉动比赛成绩 3由于消除了观察难度的限制 可以挖掘其它魔方解法潜力(桥式 角先等)而不局限于CFOP(任一种事物的系统越单一 其发展前景越黯淡) 4(新增)因为还原魔方速度的极限化提升 也使得魔方结构\材料的设计与优化更有价值 5待补充… ~ 细节 ~ 1可在比赛一天到三天前给出打乱公式 让选手研究还原步骤和强化训练还原所需要的手法衔接 2可将打乱公式适当增长以避免直接逆公式还原(例如60步) 3待补充… ~ 扩展 ~ 此比赛更适合于扩展至4阶5阶等 对选手各方面要求更高 要求选手提供还原全公式 明确规定不能与电脑计算结果相同 或者要求选手明确解释自己的还原步骤(例如 用的是什么还原方法 哪些步骤是在做F2L等) - I'm not sure if your computer can show the code of Chinese or not there is the original link of it: http://bbs.mf8.com.cn/viewthread.php?ti ... a=page%3D1 -
TomZ (2009-02-06 15:21:44 +0000)
I've run this trough google translate, but that is not much clarifying. But maybe someone else wants to spend some time with the computer english: [code:31yjmlaq]Can have a project like this one All contestants received the same in advance and then play together in order to disrupt the formula for the shortest time wins ~ Features ~ This item is not simply study's ability to speed screw with at least a few step-by-step method and combination of the ability of the organic integration of the formula because it is clear that only as short as possible to restore the steps and make the process as much as possible before the winner is also no easy step-by-step at least a couple of items as拘泥in the reduction step ~ Advantages ~ Third-order one so that average scores game 10 seconds into the match process may become even more pleasing Two pairs of players rather than rigid requirements of pluralism in the hand speed of at least a few step-by-step approach on the one hand, the advantage of any combination can be driven competition results 3 were observed as a result of the elimination of restrictions can be difficult to tap the potential of other Cube Solution (bridge angle first, etc.) instead of just CFOP (any kind of things a single system more the more bleak the prospects for its development) 4 (new) because the speed limit to restore the cube of Rubik's cube structure also makes upgrading \ materials design and optimization of more valuable 5 to be added ... ~ Details ~ 1 can be given three days before race day to disrupt the formula so that players study the steps to restore and strengthen the training needed to restore the way of convergence 2 can be disrupted growth formula appropriate in order to avoid direct inverse formula to restore (for example, Step 60) 3 to be added ... ~ Expansion ~ This game is more suited to be extended to 5 bands 4 bands on the various aspects of players demanding Require players to restore the entire formula to provide clearly defined and should not the same as computing Or ask for a clear explanation of their own players to restore the steps (such as what steps to restore the method is to do F2L, etc.)[/code:31yjmlaq]
tonylu (2009-02-06 15:43:39 +0000)
thanks for your quickly reply. The computer english is really terrible. I can't read it either. Waiting for a version more clarify. p.s.All these words does not represent the CUBE CLUB of CHINA or the cubers in China. It's only my personally viewpoint.
cada (2009-02-06 20:47:29 +0000)
[quote:1jv1wrlf]Is it possible to have this sort of event? First, every competitor uses the same scramble to mix their cube, then everyone competes together, fastest time wins. Specialties This event doesn't merely test one's speedsolve ability, but also combines fewest moves and algorithm creation ability. Obviously, because there is the combination of your ability to make the solution short and make the solve flow in order to win, this is not like the fewest moves event which only counts moves. Advantages 1 Because times could get lower than 10 seconds, it's a very interesting event. 2 The requirements for competitors aren't strict. A specialty in speed, move count or finger tricks all could win. 3 Because the restriction of inspection has been removed, it could show the potential of other methods (Roux, corners first), rather than only Fridrich (when only one system is dominant, the prospect for development of others is dim). 4 Because it's pushing the limits of solving speed, cube structure and design optimization would improve. Details 1 A few days before the competition, the scramble could be given out for competitors to study and prepare their solution. 2 The scrambles can be made more suitable to prevent solving by reversing the scramble (for example, 60 moves). Expansion This event could be expanded to 4x4, 5x5, etc., making the requirements for competitors tougher. Require competitors share their entire solution, not allowing computer solutions. Or, require competitors to explain their solution (for example, using what methods, which moves are doing F2L, etc.)[/quote:1jv1wrlf] -柯言
Lucas (2009-02-06 23:52:18 +0000)
For your bullet 1, [url=http://www.speedsolving.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1747:17st5wln]PSC #1[/url:17st5wln] never ends. I dont' understand exactly what event you're proposing, or even if you have a specific thing in mind, I don't think this should/could become an official event any time soon, but it's interesting to do unofficially. PSC solve generation is on my eventual "to-do list" of things to work on.
tonylu (2009-02-07 03:47:01 +0000)
I think these translation is quite clear expect a little words. thank you very much. I'm interesting in how you do it. And thank you for the information about PSC. - How about bring this event into 6×6×6 or 7×7×7 or even 9×9×9 in future. because merely speed cubing in high level cube have less meaning and interesting.
qqwref (2009-02-07 05:10:59 +0000)
I don't think this is really a suitable event for large cubes. I could imagine memorizing a 3x3 solve but I would never want to memorize the full solution to a 4x4 or 5x5 (let alone 9x9!). For large cubes I think it would be very, very dificult to remember and execute a pre-computed solution faster than a top cuber could solve the cube with 15 seconds inspection. If you make a single mistake or your memory is not perfect, your solution will not work and your time will be very slow. Although this could be an interesting event for unofficial competitions I also do not think it is really so good for official competition. If people have three days or whatever to prepare, you are giving a huge advantage to the people who have fast computers or computer programs set up to do the event, that is people who can get the scramble as early as possible and try many different solutions by the time of the competition. Note that it will be impossible to prevent computer solutions unless you have a judge there to check each competitor while they are finding their solution. You might say "a computer solution will not be explainable" - maybe not at the beginning, but people will quickly find a way to make very efficient computer solutions that can be explained. For instance for 5x5 you could tell a computer "find the fastest way to solve the first center, then the fastest way to solve the second center, etc., now find the fastest edge pairing commutators, etc., now do an optimal Petrus or Roux solve on the 3x3", and you will get a solve that a human could not have come up with, but where you can explain what each move does.
tonylu (2009-04-11 02:37:01 +0000)
I'm back video : mf8 psc season01 best:4.29 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FpR5xu_KC70 mf8 psc competition&discuss forum http://bbs.mf8.com.cn/forumdisplay.php?fid=55