Possible new events

damo (2015-08-18 03:40:52 +0000)
People are frequently suggesting ideas they have for new events. Some good, some less. The reply ls often a procedure that has to be gone threw before an event can become official. My question is what events are currently in this process and which are likely to make it through. What unofficial events have been held recently? I like everyone have my own ideas for events I would like to see. 2x2x2 blind (scored by avg of 5), megaminx blind, any of the awesome outaheadron puzzeles, etc. But I am not really asking what you want, but what is in the works, what we might actually in competition soon.
gabeh33 (2015-08-28 00:20:25 +0000)
at nationals there were 3 unofficial events. i dont know what unofficial events are currently being worked on
Ojas Nimaje (2015-09-03 10:39:09 +0000)
3x3x3 OH BLD