Competition in malaysia or singapore?

ooiankang (2015-01-08 23:55:36 +0000)
people in malaysia and singapore are begging for a tournament there so can you guys arrange one there? june and july espiecially*** that is when all the people like in UK ans US goes there for a vacation and most people live in the Marina bay white sand so you guys could maybe arrange it there? or not
gagou9 (2015-01-09 10:47:37 +0000)
Hello ooiankang ! As written in another topic recently, saying "guys please organise a comp here" is not a really nice way to thank people behind the WCA. Organising a competition needs at least willingness, time, and energy (and some knowledges), and nobody is here "for organising competitions", but to have fun, to make the cubing community better, etc. There isn't people dedicated to organise competitions, afaik. I know there are people in malaysia, singapore (and indonesia a lot), and you can find WCA delegates here : , they may point you to organisers, who may like to have some help for organising! The people from Nusantara Speedcubing Association (Indonesia) may also have some contacts : Moreover, we are not all "guys" ! Have fun !
WilsonAlvis54 (2015-04-15 18:43:49 +0000)
Hello ooiankang, I am Wilson, 17, from Indonesia. Well, if you are really enthusiastic and is eager to have a comp, why not org one? Do you have or know some places like NTU or NUS which you can reserve a room there for free? Universities are usually free of charge, so If you can get one, it will save you a lot of money. Check the lighting too. Will be in Singapore for about a week or so this summer, like around mid-June, so I hope I can help you guys.