Competition in Jordan ?!?

Zeid (2015-05-05 11:41:52 +0000)
I live in Jordan I really want to attend a competition but I can not travel to join a competition. I can't organise a competition alone. So what can I do ??? (Please give me any suggestion)
gagou9 (2015-05-05 19:29:00 +0000)
Hello Zeid ! There have been only one competition in Jordan yet, and it was a few years ago (see ... anOpen2012). If you want to organise a competition, you'd have to find a few more people to help you, and if you need help you may ask here. Have a good day, Gael
Zeid (2015-05-06 08:57:18 +0000)
Thank you for answering. I can find pepole to help me, but I have two problems: 1)how can I find a venue 2) how can I find a delegate.
DanielSheppard (2015-05-07 09:27:05 +0000)
1. You can look on any websites that list venues available for hire. Maybe your local school or village hall? 2. Looks like Dror Vomberg in Israel is your nearest delegate. Talk to him about your ideas. You should gather as much interest as possible, because a competition is unlikely to happen in a new place if only a couple of people will attend.