Geneva March open

ishumprod (2010-12-03 11:08:32 +0000)
Hello everybody. I'm trying to organise a competition in geneva( switzerland) I also talked to one of the french delegates, and i wanted to now who are the most active delegates. I want to put the competition at 19th ant 20th march 2011. I dont know how many events can be put the same day, I think 5? if they are too many events, I maybe add the next weekend to the comp. can someone help me,give me some tips for the organisation ? thanks, Martin ps: sorry for my BAD english
Sebastien (2010-12-06 11:40:15 +0000)
Hi there. The most active french delegate is Clément Gallet. Considering the number of events per day, your knowlegde seems kind of naive. "You can only have X events" a day is a very senseless statement, as this highly depents on the events you choose and even more on the format you plan them. Also the number of attending competitors is a crucial factor of course. You should look over the websites of several other competitions to get a feeling for time schedules. Last but not least: If your German is well enough I highly recommend you to read [url=]this[/url:1kaitzdc]