Competitions in New Jersey or eastern PA

collincasecuber (2015-07-10 21:45:22 +0000)
Hi, I really dissapointed that no one is organising a competition ANYWHERE in New Jersey. That saddens me a lot :cry: , not only because I cant go to a lot, but a lot of people that I met at Doylestown were really happy, and were lookinng foward to going to another nearby (like me) but we cant because there AREN'T any. I'm not sure why no one can organise one near eastern PA or new jersey. There are plenty of places someone can organise one. I'm just hoping someone who reads this will get the idea that some people don't have the money to travel to other states, and cant have that much fun with cubing, because they just stay home and solve, not experience what it's like at a comp.
Randomno (2015-07-11 19:21:36 +0000)
[quote="collincasecuber":4ruw3khj]I'm not sure why no one can organise one near eastern PA or new jersey.[/quote:4ruw3khj] Because too many people make posts like this complaining, but don't try to organise one or help get one organised. If you feel there are too few comps in your area, you're able to fix that yourself. Often a delegate will help with organisation.
Alex Maass (2015-07-11 19:27:12 +0000)
Do you realize that Doylestown was held just less than 3 months ago? I guarantee there will be one somewhat nearby in the fall, have you ever considered that the delegates nearby could be too busy at this time to delegate competitions. Also by the way, competitions here seem to tend to be announced quite close to the competition date. If you aren't pleased that it has been less than 3 months since a nearby competition happened and that there hasn't been one announced yet, why don't you try to organize one yourself? : )