.PDF Scramble generator

MadsMohr (2010-12-19 18:12:01 +0000)
I've added scramble generation to my webapp that generates the WCA spreadsheet: [url:2ymxjz1g]http://cubing.dk/wcaspreadsheet/[/url:2ymxjz1g] You can use this .CSV file for testing: [url:2ymxjz1g]http://cubing.dk/registration.csv[/url:2ymxjz1g] I'm using the scramble code from [url:2ymxjz1g]http://www.puzzletimer.com/[/url:2ymxjz1g] and the image generation from [url:2ymxjz1g]http://cube.garron.us/cct/[/url:2ymxjz1g]. I made the image genration for the Clock but it does not scale at the moment.
jbcm627 (2010-12-23 05:50:50 +0000)
Yay, thaaaaaaaank you for the scramble generator... I've been wanting something like this for a long time. :mrgreen: :P Few things: * To make it even easier, can the first round by default be set to first round, and 1 group? * Can it throw an error when the # of groups isn't specified, but a round is? Or just default it to 1 instead of "-" for all rounds? * Is this actually alright to use for competitions, since it technically doesn't use the scramble programs stated in the regulations?
MadsMohr (2010-12-23 20:22:52 +0000)
Last things first. These scrambles will first be allowed when WCA says so. It should be easy to verify that 2x2, 4x4-7x7, pyraminx, megaminx, sq1 and clock are scrambled using algorithms of the same quality. The 3x3 scrambler are closed source but it should work the same way. Random state and solving using the two phase algorithm. Herbert Kociemba could verify this. This version is the very first implementation and should really just be seen as a proof of concept. I'm planning on doing some work on this after the holidays. I used the .CSV upload because I could reuse a lot of code and because I was planning to do some automatic group suggestions based on the amount of competitors in the .CSV, but I got lazy and just wanted to put something that worked out there :)
MadsMohr (2011-01-05 18:07:49 +0000)
[quote="MadsMohr":23uegntc]I made the image genration for the Clock but it does not scale at the moment.[/quote:23uegntc] Now it scales! (The code is still ugly, very ugly, but it works) I also fixed a few minor bugs that filled up the log-file.