Surveys At Competitions & Getting Faster

igaby (2013-12-27 02:33:35 +0000)
Hi everyone, I think competitions should have surveys. A survey question could be what side people solve the cross on. Or what algs they use. A good website I found was a Polish Cubing website: It has a lot of different methods and algs. I think that surveys would be really fun. It could also help people like 40-35 seconds averagers. I think we should have a good cubing community. We could do this by helping each other with his or her weaknesses. Of course, you don't have to give away entirely how you get sub 15s. You don't have to tell your fellow cubers how you solve it at all. I just think this would be really helpful and fun. The WCA doesn't have to do this though because YouTube is a great source of tips for cubing. Felix and Thrawst's tip of the week and how to get faster series have definetly helped me get faster. Of course there are many other cubers on YouTube that are great too. I believe surveys will be fun for competitions. [color=#00BFFF:1kmw4urk]Good luck to all competitors and happy cubing!![/color:1kmw4urk] :PP 8)
Lucas (2013-12-27 17:45:19 +0000)
If you're interested in things like this, I suggest posting on the forum: [url:30amxuti][/url:30amxuti]