North American Open

cubetalk (2008-12-10 22:46:49 +0000)
There is a Euro open, so why not a North American open or an Asian open?
Bob (2008-12-11 05:44:03 +0000)
Think of the US Open as the North American Open. It's mostly US competitors, but as the name suggests, it is OPEN. What's in a name? (I think Shakespeare said that.)
blade740 (2008-12-11 23:36:06 +0000)
It's really not feasible to hold a US open AND a North American open. Yes, there are cubers in Mexico and Canada, but the majority of cubers at a North American open would be from the US. And, since every other country has a National Championship, that's the one we hold, rather than the North American Open. Then, Canada and Mexico have their own championships.
Dave Campbell (2009-05-21 15:55:27 +0000)
[quote="blade740":2ipx0flc]... but the majority of cubers at a North American open would be from the US.[/quote:2ipx0flc] I think that depends on where it is held. If it was held in the US, then sure, i can see that. But if it was held, for arguments sake, in Toronto, well we can get upwards of 70 competitors to a local competition here. Do you really think 70+ US competitors would make that trek if it was out of country? That is the fundamental issue with having a North American Open. Few US competitors come up to our competitions, and few Canadian competitors go to US competitions. And as far as Mexico goes, i don't think we have much cross over there, either. The idea is nice, but i think we are too spread out over this vast chunk of land to make it a reality. Turnout will suffer in any of the scenarios.
cubetalk (2009-05-21 20:16:07 +0000)
if only you just waltz over the border without the whole pass port thing ( i know this is an extremely good system) i could have been to several Toronto opens. I believe that its not only the distance but also other things such as borders
qqwref (2009-05-22 07:05:59 +0000)
I don't feel that we really need a NA Open, because we have so few countries here. I mean, it's basically Canada, the US, and Mexico... in Europe there are so many countries that winning a national championship doesn't mean all that much because it only represents ~10% of the continent, but in North America winning a national championship is a lot more prestigious, and I don't think a NA Open would really mean much more to the top contestants.