Joe Carlton (2007-08-12 18:40:52 +0000)
We need cube competitions in Michigan. It's that simple. Florida has a yearly open, I believe California does, and Caltech has a 4 seasonly opens a year. We need to shoot for a yearly, or even a seasonly Michigan open. Leave some support here please.
Alex Bailey (2007-08-15 17:05:21 +0000)
well i think a yearly or seasonly competition in the midwest (i don't really know if michigan is officially part of the midwest, but it's close enough) would be awesome, becuase except for the US open, there has been only a few competitions in the past years in the midwest, they are always in california or on the east coast.
linkmaster03 (2008-05-25 23:12:42 +0000)
That would be awesome, in the lower peninsula. The people of the midwest would be very happy. I support highly.
linkmaster03 (2008-06-01 21:50:49 +0000)
I'd like to add that this would turn out very good considering the outcome of the Cincinnati Open.
edwardb (2008-06-06 01:21:09 +0000)
You should have a competition in the Midwest. I'm thinking Chicago because its: a) A major city, which means more venues and local competitors b) Its in Northeast Illinois, so its pretty close to southern Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. c) Its easier for far away competitors because there are a few major airports that will have a lot of domestic flights Maybe the Chicago Cultural Center again? -Edwardb
Joe Carlton (2008-08-29 03:11:24 +0000)
Wow, i did not expect this much response. Thanks, everyone, a lot. Now, Chicago is a great idea. But i was debating Detroit because we have Cobo hall, and there is a history of comps. in Chicago already. We've never had one here in Michigan, and it'd be a really memorable moment for my friends at Michigan State and UM. David Aguila (florida) would probably come up for this, he inspired me to bring this up. But, if anyone thinks this is okay, respond. I'll bring up a new poll.
BryanLogan (2008-08-29 16:08:40 +0000)
For all you cubers in Chicago, the Wisconsin Open is about a 2 hour drive from Chicago.