Athens Open 20??

Psycho (2015-03-24 13:21:29 +0000)
Hey guys, I am a Greek speedcuber and I wanna talk about something that really makes, not only me, sad. The issue is that we do not have many cubers in Greece. Also competitions are held every 3 years in Greece because of the small field of competing( I suppose). Another problem is that I see some Greek speedcubers, who live in another country, to break some national records.... And the question is why?? Why speedcubing in Greece is underrated? Why competitions in Greece are uncommon? Maybe we could expand a little bit this sport-hobby-whatever in Greece. Don't you think that greek speedcubers have the right to break their own personal bests? So what I am asking for is more competitions held in Greece. Maybe an annual competition is too much to ask? After all, Greece is a beautiful country with a lot of tourists and I strongly believe that a competition will attract a lot of cubers and non-cubers especially during the summer season. Finally, that's what I wanted to say and I want to thank in advance everyone who reads this topic and understands my thoughts. Thanks all of you guys !!
Psycho (2015-04-15 08:22:05 +0000)
A new competition will be organised in August 8th. I have already registered and i will most propably take part. A lot of cubers will register because of the enthusiasm they have but the date isnt that appropriate cause in Greece many people are used to going on holidays those days. So some of the cubers may go on holidays with their parents instead. I think that a week or two before is an ideal date for the competition to be held since most of the cubers will be able to be there!
Radu (2015-04-15 08:33:15 +0000)
I think you should be happy with having this one. From my/our experience there will always be people who cannot attend a competition on a certain date. It's (almost) impossible to change the date now, after it has been publicly announced. So, train hard and enjoy the competition you will have. ;)
Psycho (2015-04-16 10:40:52 +0000)
I'm definitely happy about this one and I really hope that I meet a lot of guys there. But I'm just saying that here in Greece lots of people go on holidays the week before and after 15 of August. I really hope that everyone is there to participate!!!
Psycho (2015-04-17 11:52:40 +0000)
Also from my experience, I live in Athens, Athens is empty during the August. July or September are appropriate for the competition to be held. From your perspective you are definitely right to believe that August is an appropriate month and this is because you live in another country.Finally I think that it is never too late to change the date of the competition...
gagou9 (2015-04-18 11:12:07 +0000)
Psycho, it *is* too late, as the competition has been announced, as the organisers probably have an agreement with the provider of the venue, with the delegates, etc. Plus it's in a lot of countries where people usually go on holiday in August. And we always had competitions taking place in aug with a correct number of competitors. Plus as Radu said, it's never possible to have everybody comming. In other words I could say there could always be more people coming, but some are not available and can't come, that's how it goes. I'd like to add that there may be another competition another time, and there will be different people coming. Have fun anyway!