PigsFTW (2015-05-01 15:04:41 +0000)
I am holding an unofficial practice competition for me and a bunch of my friends and I want to have the cubes scrambled as they would at a competition. I know that the Tnoodle program is used. How ever, do I use the same 5 scrambles for everyone, or does everyone get a different scramble? So would I leave it like this? [img:3a5wfoi9][/img:3a5wfoi9]and use the same 5 for everyone?
gagou9 (2015-05-03 18:11:27 +0000)
exactly! Usually in competitions, competitors are splitted into groups, so you'd have a group of 20 people having the same 5 scrambles, and another group of 20 people having the same 5 scrambles as well, but different from the 1st group. So yeah, you don't need to have groups for your event, so this wa is perfect. You probably won't need extras btw. Have fun!