What is the next step for an Official competition in Chile?

Mati rubik (2009-02-19 04:04:38 +0000)
Hi, I'm a speedcuber from Chile and I want to know how can I organize a competition in my country, we have an (unofficial) Association really well organized. We already have done 2 unofficial competitions with great results and according to the WCA regulations. We have raise money to invite a WCA Delegate to Chile, like it was done in Mexico previously. I want to know what is the next step in order to organize a competition, are there some that I'm missing? I have to remark that at least we are 20 speedcubers ready to the competition and we expect that number increase in case of an official competition.
cubetalk (2009-02-19 20:34:11 +0000)
Everything seems in order. I would contact Ron van Bruchem to tell him about the competition or Tyson Mao
Sxandy (2014-11-12 07:03:07 +0000)
hi i have filled the form but my name doesn't changed
TMOY (2014-11-12 08:09:29 +0000)
Maybe you filled the wrong form. Just like you posted your message in the wrong thread.