New Competition in Sydney, Australia?

E-PiCuber7 (2015-02-13 06:09:46 +0000)
Yes, Melbourne gets competitions, but what if you can't go to Melbourne? Remember the last time there was a Sydney comp, sydney spring 2014, and there were nearly 100 competitors? There are some cubers in Sydney too! Don't forget about us!
gagou9 (2015-02-13 12:19:08 +0000)
You haven't properly understand the way it works ! Competitions are organised by volunteers all around the globe, and if no one is willing or able to organise a comp in Sydney, it's probably not gonna happen. It will happen, someday, when somebody will have the needed energy and skills :)
E-PiCuber7 (2015-02-14 05:54:33 +0000)
awww ok
gagou9 (2015-02-14 15:36:59 +0000)
sorry about that !
E-PiCuber7 (2015-03-09 05:43:09 +0000)
Yes! Sydney Autumn, here I come!
E-PiCuber7 (2015-05-02 12:19:58 +0000)
YEs! Sydney Autumn1 Here I... am going...