Organising a competion in a small countrey

Zeid (2015-07-30 09:06:54 +0000)
I live in a countrey that had only one competion in 2012 and does not have a delegate(Jordan). I am organising a competion in 2015. But i need to know a few things: 1) Is 20-30 competitors enough 2) How many solving stations, judges, scramblers, timmers do we need 3) Approximately the area of the venue 4) Will any delegate from another country be able to come 5) Can someone from jordan be asigned as a delegate if the competion was successful And if you have any tips to help us. :lol:
gagou9 (2015-08-02 15:02:51 +0000)
Hello Zeid! 1) Yes, plenty enough ;) 2) You have to think of it deeply. It depends on the number of competitors, the number of events and rounds, the time limits, etc... If nobody answers here, you should get in touch with your delegate. 3) You need chairs and tables for everybody, plus tables and chairs for timers and competitors, plus some room for the "waiting zone". You WCA Delegate will help you check all that! 4) That's the first thing you should have checked ;) Here is [url=]the list of delegates[/url:gyjx91zk]. If none may come, you should contact the Board ( board -AT- worldcubeassociation -DOT- org) 5) This should be discussed after the comp' ;) You should read this tutorial from CubingUSA : Good luck and have fun!!