2x2-4x4 Relay

nethsen (2014-12-12 01:36:17 +0000)
Hi all, What would your opinion be on adding some sort of relay as a new WCA event? It might be nice to have because you can do well at something even if you aren't great at solving any particular puzzle... The only thing is that having a 4x4 in the relay would weight the results in order to give advantages to people who are great at 4x4, so maybe 2x2, 3x3, OH and Pyra or something like that would be better. Thanks, nethsen
Lucas (2014-12-19 09:07:50 +0000)
Relay events wouldn't add a lot of value. We don't need to add them to give competitors more opportunities for "doing well", and there are already statistics combining multiple events: https://www.worldcubeassociation.org/re ... nks_single At any particular competition, the people who could win a relay would probably already place high in various events. For any future criteria about adding events, see https://github.com/cubing/wca-documents/issues/183