GEL Open 2012 - Observation

Radu (2012-09-15 20:24:50 +0000)
Didn't feel I have to e-mail everyone about this. The location of the GEL Open (Vienna) should be corrected, as it appears to be somewhere in Costa Rica: For example: ... 2012STAI03
Sebastien (2012-09-17 13:28:21 +0000)
fixed. Thanks for remarking this Radu. Please mail to the board next time. I think this would be more effective for such things.
Radu (2012-09-17 18:57:44 +0000)
Will do. I thought you receive a lot of e-mails anyway which are probably more important.
Sebastien (2012-09-18 14:09:43 +0000)
We also receive lots of mails that are less important! :) The point is just, that we don't read the forum everyday. Your remark was very easy to fix so with a mail one of us sees it immidiately and so it's done within a short time.