Request to become a delegate for Singapore

kastellorizo (2009-07-06 21:05:02 +0000)
Hello to everyone, Some of you may know me, but briefly speaking, I would like to mention that I am the founder and designer of the MindStrat Puzzles company which is based in Singapore. We also plan to bring one of our products (i.e. the Cubedron which I had invented), if that is possible, to the list of puzzle competitions. We are directly collaborating with V-Cubes (and I also have close personal ties with the inventor) while we are in direct contact with Singapore speedsolvers and official Rubik's cube distributors. What we are trying to do, is to help Singaporeans hold official competitions. It is a lovely country which is easily accessible by many more countries, because Singapore is a popular flight and transit destination. I am a mathematician (research associate and lecturer at the University of Western Australia) and collector of puzzles for decades. The basic WCA rules are known to me years ago, however, my times are really bad, especially as I prefer to only use my own solutions. I only thought of applying for being a delegate after seeing the frustration of many speedsolvers in Singapore who are willing to participate in WCA competitions, but are unable. Being a Greek-Australian, may also be of help for Greece and Australia (if needed). Please let me know if I qualify for this role and/or whether you need more information about me. Pantazis Houlis PS. I have also sent a much more detailed post via email to the WCA administrators.
Dene (2009-07-16 21:09:18 +0000)
Just as a possibility: The Australians are planning on hosting a competition sometime during the summer. If you attend then you would meet the "must have been to a competition" expectation.