Decision on Florida Open 2007

Ron (2007-04-24 20:17:57 +0000)
Fellow cubers, During the Florida Open 2007 on April 14, 2007 there were 3 irregularities that the WCA board had to take a decision on. 1) for some events an incorrect format was taken. For example a mean of 3 was taken for 5x5 event, where an average of 5 is the WCA standard. Article 9b of the WCA regulations. 2) for 5x5 there was one result accepted of a time higher than 10 minutes. Article A1a of the WCA regulations. 3) for 3x3 event there were 3 rounds although with 16 competitors a maximum of 2 rounds is allowed. Article 9o of the WCA regulations. The WCA board has come to the following decisions: 1) WCA board changed the format of the disputed events to best of 3. WCA board informed the competition organisation team about the standard formats for the events. 2) WCA board decided to accept the time that was higher than 10 minutes. The time limits are needed to make sure the time schedule of a competition can be followed. For speedsolving events the standard time limit is defined as 10 minutes, which is the limit of the Stackmat timer. But if there is enough time in the time schedule, and a stopwatch is used instead of a Stackmat, then times over 10 minutes can be accepted. Although not advised by the WCA board. 3) WCA board decided to not accept the results of the third round of the competition. The results of the second round are accepted as the final results. There is a limit of rounds per event, to make sure that we do not have events with 20 rounds, with the purpose to enable all competitors to have many chances to improve their personal or regional records. The regulations are very clear on this subject, so organisation team and WCA delegate should have followed the regulations correctly. WCA board does feel sorry about this incident, but we feel in this case we should be strict about applying the regulations. Kind regards, Ron van Bruchem
Frédérick (2007-04-24 21:22:58 +0000)
Hi Ron, about the last french championship, what's happen if Thibaut broke the WR in the final ? Have fun, Frédérick
Ron (2007-04-25 04:17:33 +0000)
Hi Frédérick, [quote:2zg1i7gv]about the last french championship, what's happen if Thibaut broke the WR in the final ? [/quote:2zg1i7gv] Thibaut did not make it to the final. He was competing for fun during the final. His results for final were unofficial. Thanks, Ron