Megapup (2008-01-14 02:00:59 +0000)
i think we need a competition somewhere in Australia, i can't afford to travel overseas
Tim (2008-01-14 02:32:05 +0000)
Then organize one.
Megapup (2008-01-15 01:23:37 +0000)
How? i think i need some special WCA powers?
Tim (2008-01-15 17:29:27 +0000)
No, you just need to find a delegate who would be willing to travel to Australia and the approval of the WCA board.
TimMc (2008-02-24 00:37:07 +0000)
[quote="Tim":14bv2tr5]No, you just need to find a delegate who would be willing to travel to Australia and the approval of the WCA board.[/quote:14bv2tr5] [b:14bv2tr5]International Flights are Costly[/b:14bv2tr5] It costs between $1200 and $4000 to get a return flight to Australia via Qantas! :shock: It'd be more beneficial and cost effective to have a new delegate/WCA Board Member living in Australia. :wink: [b:14bv2tr5]Where are the Australian Cubers?[/b:14bv2tr5] There seems to be some Australian Cubers but they're few and far between. It's not really that popular here. Current publicity of the sport in Australia is at best erratic. But the Media [b:14bv2tr5]is[/b:14bv2tr5] noticing the occurrence of Competitions in other countries ([url:14bv2tr5][/url:14bv2tr5]). I'd be very difficult to warrant holding a competition if the number of competitors is too low. There'd need to be some web site promoting the competition with registration before an actual competition is even considered... :( [b:14bv2tr5]$$$ Anyone?[/b:14bv2tr5] Sponsorship from someone like Crown & Andrews ([url:14bv2tr5][/url:14bv2tr5]) and SpeedStacks Australia ([url:14bv2tr5][/url:14bv2tr5]) would be pretty helpful. :roll: Tim.
perfredlund (2008-02-27 13:28:22 +0000)
Hi :-) YOU may be appointed the WCA delegate if no other previous delegates are coming/attending :D Announce the competition at least 1 month in advance through WCA (Ron). Gather at least a total of 12 participants. Ask 7towns or others to organise a loan of timers/displays. Expect this to take a lot of time (and tax trouble!!). Each event needs a main judge, who cannot be participating. Get a competition score sheet (Excel) from Ron or others. Have a dedicated person/persons to do live scoring - this is important for qualification rounds, and makes final submitting to WCA so much easier. Do not be overly optimistic with respect to number of events. Single person events are boring!! Good luck !! :) -Per
Andrea (2008-03-28 21:18:36 +0000)
Hi Australian Cubing Fans, An addition to what has already been stated before, by my knowleagable friends: First, make a budget, and a schedule You can get sponsoring from many sources: Once the location is fixed, you can get the venue sponsored You can get the food, drinks etc sponsored by the venue or local caterers, You can get gifts sponsored by local companies OR You can get everything sponsored by a local company. Just refer to them that CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) a more and more important term to companies also has a community development and youth element. Natural partners are: IT companies, companies producing technical stuff, toy stores etc, but any other company with a social sence can do. Make them clear, the sponsors can have excellent press. You can possibly also offer them to have a couple of free sows at their premises or at schools for needy children after the competitions (talk about evtl. travel expenses to these shows, too.) Tell them, the participants, especially the winners will mention them everywhere -wear their t-shirst etc.. If a sponsor donates everything, even the competition can be named after them. You can make press available, as press is always receptive of craizy, off line things. (Even the donor company can help organise press.) Show the sponsors what everything they can benefit from a moderate investment: CSR plus points, press, talent development, etc. Make them understood, that they can be the first in the line of sponsors of an emerging sport. Underline everything with details, data etc. Press clippings from other competitions can aslo be fine. Good luck with it! If you need suport, just shout!
edw0010 (2008-05-04 05:17:09 +0000)
Hi All, I am from Australia and I would be interested in a Rubiks Competition here. HOWEVER because i am only 15 i probably couldn't travel intersate so it would have to be in Victoria. I know of one other person who would enjoy this and if we get a comp in Aus, depending on when it is maybe two. (I am currently teaching someone the 3x3x3) I would be in the 3x3x3 and 4x4x4 competitions. I am currently learning to solve the 3x3x3 blindfolded and I will be getting a 5x5x5 soon so again depending on if and when i might be in these comps too. Hopes this helps