W.C.A delegate

Cubegeek (2008-03-31 02:29:40 +0000)
Are there any requirements to become a W.C.A delegate? Can I become one?
Ron (2008-04-01 20:52:52 +0000)
Hi, The requirements for WCA delegates are: - must know the WCA regulations "by heart" - must be very trustworthy - must feel very responsible - must be strong enough to influence an organization team and officials to make sure the WCA regulations are followed A list of WCA delegates can be found here: http://www.worldcubeassociation.org/node/316 In general WCA delegates are proposed to WCA Board by other WCA delegates. I think you want to organize an official competition in Houston. That would be great. To get this started you need: - a venue - timers - competitors (at least 12) - a WCA delegate You can contact Tyson Mao, who oversees the competition in Northern and Southern America. Thanks, Ron
Cubegeek (2008-04-03 02:37:25 +0000)
[i:3ixri62d][b:3ixri62d]Can you give me some info on getting the stackmat timers and displays for the competiton?[/b:3ixri62d][/i:3ixri62d] :D Thanks, Adit
Ron (2008-04-03 04:22:34 +0000)
Hi Adit, You can buy them online. http://www.speedstacks.com/ Thanks, Ron
Cubegeek (2008-04-05 04:22:40 +0000)
How can u afford the timers?, they cost so much for just one Can I become WCA delegate after I run a successful comp. in houston?
BryanLogan (2008-04-05 13:15:25 +0000)
[quote="Cubegeek":2jj7iazi]How can u afford the timers?, they cost so much for just one [/quote:2jj7iazi] Consider how many displays you'll need. In Minnesota, we don't have as many competitiors as the coasts do, so I'm able to run competitions with a fewer number of displays. The downside is that I need to be more careful on my scheduling, since having 20 extra people would affect me more than it would affect 20 people showing up at Caltech (because they have more stations). So I try to avoid having too many events and will add more the day of the competition depending on the turnout. But either way, competitions cost money. Even if you anticipate recovering the costs via registration fees, you're going to have some upfront costs that you'll need to pay and there's no guarantee you'll get it back with registration fees. There are some things you can do to keep costs down, like trying to find a free venue and having no prizes. You can always try to see if someone who has displays will come to your competition and lend you the displays. For one competition I'm arranging, I told the person that I would like them to at least pay me some money (~$40) to cover the cost of batteries and a little bit of wear and tear so I can eventually replace or add to the number of displays I have for tournaments around me. I know another person who said they would like to be paid for a hotel and a tank of gas to come down and help with a competition. I'm not sure what other people request.
Cubegeek (2008-04-05 23:25:46 +0000)
Thanks for replying, How many displays are needed for 10-40 people?
BryanLogan (2008-04-06 01:13:47 +0000)
[quote="Cubegeek":3lrq769h]How many displays are needed for 10-40 people?[/quote:3lrq769h] If you have one display, you might be able to get 40 people through. However, you would probably have a single round of the 3x3x3 and it could end up taking a few hours. Think if someone comes along and is a 4 minute solver. His average of 5 would take at least 20 minutes and he would tie up the station for a long time. The more displays you have, the less time it'll take (assuming you have enough judges/scramblers to keep the stations full). The more events you have, the more time it'll take. The more rounds you have, the more time it'll take. The more competitors you have, the more time it'll take. so you have to make sure you're balancing everything appropriately. Don't schedule too many events, because some people will be disappointed if you cut "their" event. If you have the venue for a limited time, you want to make sure you'll fit into your time limit. If you have events like the 4x4x4 and 5x5x5, you may want to do a combined final and have a limit that people must pass before continuing.
anders (2008-04-06 15:46:21 +0000)
[quote="Cubegeek":164lt1en] How many displays are needed for 10-40 people?[/quote:164lt1en] As Bryan said, you can run a 40-people competition with only one display, but I recommed having three or four. To have judges and scramblers available, you might be interested to group your competitors. I would say that two or three times the number of timers are good group sizes. For instance, with four timers and 40 competitiors, you form four groups with ten competitiors in each.
Cubegeek (2008-04-06 15:54:57 +0000)
How can u afford 4 $100 displays plus stackmats?
StefanPochmann (2008-04-06 16:11:29 +0000)
Same way you can afford a computer, a car, or a girlfriend. (Btw, do you think the rules require those displays?)
Cubegeek (2008-04-06 16:36:07 +0000)
Do u really need displays for a comp.?
anders (2008-04-06 17:42:28 +0000)
[quote="Cubegeek":1zexd80m]How can u afford 4 $100 displays plus stackmats?[/quote:1zexd80m] Well, in the first competitions in Sweden arranged by the Swedish Cube Association (SveKub), we borrowed displays from SevenTowns. Later, we got some sposor money and bought our own equipment. In addition, the distributor of the Cube in Sweden (Alega) also has a few sets availible for us to borrow. And, as Stefan indicated, there is nothing in the regulations that force you to have displays. But you must have the stackmat timers. However, without displays, it will be quite boring...
Cubegeek (2008-04-13 18:40:43 +0000)
Who sponsered you so you could get the equipment?
anders (2008-04-13 19:43:00 +0000)
[quote="Cubegeek":qfrfnpzv]Who sponsered you so you could get the equipment?[/quote:qfrfnpzv] Alega (http://www.alega.se/english/index.htm), the distributor of the Cube in Sweden, did. We asked if they wanted to sponsor the Swedish Open Championships, and they did! We are greatful that they have sposored the Swedish Open every year, and since the sponsor money covers more than the venue costs, we could buy our own equipment. One year we were sponsored by Cuba Cola, a local brand of Coke... (Note that 'cuba' or 'kuba' in Swedish means 'cubing'... :)
Cubegeek (2008-04-13 21:13:58 +0000)
So finding a sponsor is a good way to cover the equipment and venue costs?
nathaniel15 (2008-05-28 11:52:53 +0000)
is it possible to get a wca delegate for singapore because some of us here are eager to have an "official" competition.
supercuber (2008-09-12 10:07:01 +0000)
Hello.. How can i be a WCA a delegate for our country? I have read the requirements and I think I qualify to be a WCA delegate... What's the next procedure to be a WCA delegate?
Ron (2008-09-12 21:49:25 +0000)
Hi supercuber, We do not have anonymous WCA delegates. ;-) What is your name? Which country? Is there a competition planned? Will an existing WCA delegate be able to attend that competition? We only need new WCA delegates if there is actually a competition without a WCA delegate. In that case you have to ask a recommendation from an existing WCA delegate who knows you very well. If you are in a new country then you may need to travel to meet with an existing WCA delegate, or ask an existing WCA delegate to travel to you and make a recommendation after the competition. If that is impossible then please contact me by e-mail to see how we can solve this. Thanks, Ron (rbruchem@worldcubeassociation.org)
bagira (2010-03-09 13:19:48 +0000)
Hi! My name is Avetisyan Yulia, I`m from Ukrainian speedcubing community. (here is our web-site http://www.cubing.com.ua , unfortunately in Ukrainian and Russian, but we are working on English version ;-) ) We want to make in Kyiv first Ukranian National Speedcubers Championship. The main question for us now is how to make it official. Would it be official, if we will ask WCA delegate from Russia to travel to Kyiv for this competitions? And we`d like to have Ukrainian WCA delegate - Roman Ostapenko, would one recomendation from Leonid Timonie be anough to ask WCA for it? Thanks, Yulia
Ron (2010-04-14 05:45:57 +0000)
Hi Yulia, Yes, WCA would love to have competitions in Ukraine. I already talked to Leonid about him working together with your community. I hope your community can put together a competition in Ukraine, with Leonid being the WCA delegate. It is important that before the competition your community comes with a proposal of who would be a the best WCA delegate for Ukraine. Someone who meets the requirements as posted in the 2nd message of this thread. Someone who has a positive attitude, who is a strong person, who wants to work for our community, who understands and supports the spirit of WCA. Then during the competition Leonid can work together with this person and decide on whether to give a recommendation for this person. The next step is that this person sends a video message to WCA board in which he introduces himself. The penultimate step is that the person makes the oath of a WCA delegate, in which he promises to not betray the trust of our community. The final step is that the WCA board appoints the new WCA delegate. This happens when a new competition is planned for which the person will be the WCA delegate. Looking forward to good news on a competition in Ukraine. Have fun, Ron
AdrianRamirezGUA (2012-07-05 03:29:42 +0000)
Hello, mi name is Adrián Ramírez, I represent the Rubik´s Cube community in Guatemala (Central America), We are interested in organizing an official competition here, but our problem is that we don´t have any sponsor, and in our country there's no store selling cubes or something like that. I hope you could recommend something for us... Thanks...
Sebastien (2012-07-05 09:15:46 +0000)
Hi Adrián, most competitions have no sponsor and are financed by the competitors' registration fees.