WCA Records and Rankings

Topic Created by Created on
2x2 wr Ojas Nimaje 2016-03-22
Personal Records Hands 2005-05-21
Vladislav Shavelsky's 6x6 ER single scramble MattiaFurlan 2015-09-22
Feliks Zemdegs 23.72 BOSSCUBER 2015-05-13
my WCA ID was deleted after 6 years supercube 2015-06-20
how do I add a pic to my wca id profile? eleven11 2015-06-15
TIMER DOSENT STOP TechnoramaGaming 2013-06-22
[Tunisian NR] Amine Chouchane 3x3x3 Single: 15.43 tchoutch 2015-03-27
marcell endry 3amnyc 2015-03-10
Nub Open 5x5 Average dascubing 2015-02-09
Times over cut-off not considered DNF's JasonDL13 2014-08-28
Um, we have a problem with my Pyraminx time. TechnoramaGaming 2013-06-28
Female rankings Ron 2010-10-24
Almost 1,000 Days!!! TechnoramaGaming 2013-06-28
WCA ID? dandaman2651 2009-04-01
Cameron Stollery in Melbourne Winter 2012 ofapel 2012-07-06
Gender records in WCA database Shelley 2012-07-30
Fewest Moves - Ranking Error Radu 2011-01-14
women in wca gagou9 2012-01-23
Concern regarding Korean National Records (NR) IlkyooChoi 2011-12-29
Errors on WCA pages Sheldon 2011-12-11
Nationality change of one WCA member Ron 2010-12-18
Australian / Oceanic records Ron 2010-09-25
Hypothetical Record Situation edwardb 2010-05-14
Omitting a competitor's results Shelley 2010-01-31
Moving old multi-BLD results to the new list? qqwref 2009-02-24
Downloadable WCA Results Lucas 2008-03-15
WCA Profile Dave Campbell 2008-03-28
Multiple blindfold time limit enforcement Tim 2009-02-02
Help on Oldest Official Solver Blake7513 2009-02-19
World Record Holders... EmersonHerrmann 2008-06-20
Removed Content Removed Account 2008-07-06
More Personal Results Options Lucas 2008-12-23
Beginners speedsolving solution? Funkboy 2008-12-12
Next features for the results system StefanPochmann 2008-08-01
Rubic's shop in Madrit, Spain ? alvaro 2008-03-12
World record Square-1 of Polish Open 2008 not acknowledged Ron 2008-06-24
Big Cubes (Upwards of 5x5x5) edw0010 2008-05-04
How long between competition and seeing results? Vince Yim 2008-06-17
Age group Masayuki 2005-09-07
I have acomplished my goal 2005-06-18
Need Speed!! snappetruce 2008-02-27
(Unofficial) WCA Timer 2005-05-10
Megaminx philkt 2007-06-22
Qualification Round appears after Finals (WC) Lucas 2007-10-07
Two Second Penalty Recognition DarrenKwong 2007-05-07
World Rankings Gustav 2005-11-10
I can't figure out Kai 2005-06-07
Pyraminx ChrisAlmich 2005-07-05
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