Almost 1,000 Days!!!

TechnoramaGaming (2013-06-28 20:12:52 +0000)
I have actually discovered, that the Megaminx record is 999 days old!!!!!! ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
gagou9 (2013-06-29 12:25:27 +0000)
Wut ? Didn't you read what Sebastien said to you *a day ago* ? "the purpose of this forum is to discuss serious topics." And there, I guess there is something wrong : Square-1 Single 999 8.65 Bingliang Li Guangdong Open 2010 Megaminx Single 798 42.28 Simon Westlund Danish Open 2011 2x2 Cube Single 594 0.69 Christian Kaserer Trentin Open 2011 Please...
TechnoramaGaming (2013-06-30 13:17:14 +0000)
Define "serious topic"
hcfong (2013-06-30 17:02:25 +0000)
I don't really know how to define 'serious topic', but I'll give it a go. I assume you're still in school so I try that as an example. In your school, you might have a noticeboard and a students newspaper. The noticeboard is where the school leadership and other staff can post important notices, like change of lessons, upcoming tests, etc. This forum is the notice board. The students newspaper is for the students to post their stuff. It is more informal and relaxed. There is room for banter, fun, jokes and discussion. is the students newspaper. So, if you want to post something, ask yourself if it should go on the school's noticeboard. If yes, then post here. If not, post on But to be honest, it's really a gut feeling and most people are able to discern whether it's appropriate to post their topic in the WCA forum. If you can't make that discernment, you're probably not ready to post here anyways.
TechnoramaGaming (2013-07-08 11:50:31 +0000)
I'm homescooled and in 5th grade XD