More Personal Results Options

Lucas (2008-12-23 21:35:11 +0000)
I'd like to be able to view a person's results from a single competition, like [url=]this[/url:26fvfch8]. This is hopefully not hard to implement, but very convenient. It might be nice to view all of someone's competitions like this, on a single page. It's probably too much computation because of the way the database is stored right now, but ideally you would even be able to see the WR, CR, and NR ranking for each event (single and average) at the time it was done. (This also suggests the equally difficult possibility of a table listing a competitor's [i:26fvfch8]best[/i:26fvfch8] historical WR, CR, and NR rankings.) One thing that would make multimedia adding much more capable, and, say, linking from YouTube competition vids, much much better would be the ability to display a single emphasized event, average, or single solve at the top of a competitor's results page. Another possibility would be to generate an anchor at the appropriate result in the page, highlight the line, and # to it. I'm thinking of a URL like [url:26fvfch8][/url:26fvfch8] I don't find these urgent, but if Stefan or Clement have time, I think I would like to see the competition view and linkable solves more than, say, a competitor history map. :P