Omitting a competitor's results

Shelley (2010-01-31 21:26:00 +0000)
I'm putting together the results for Berkeley Winter 2010 and one competitor contacted me requesting to have his results stricken from the record. He only competed in one round of 3x3 (so taking out his results wouldn't affect much else) and I have no reason to believe he cheated. I'm going to leave his times in, but is there any reason to disallow (or allow) this in the future?
BryanLogan (2010-02-01 01:08:02 +0000)
Is this a new competitor? Did they give any reason why they wanted the results removed? If it's because of privacy issues, then I would expect that they would never compete again. If it's because they didn't like their times, I would say "too bad".
Shelley (2010-02-02 19:56:49 +0000)
Yeah, this was not a new competitor. I was missing a birthdate from him, and when I asked him for it he told me I could just leave him out "if it made things easier", since he didn't care all that much about his performance at this competition. I didn't respond to this, and he followed up with another message specifically asking to have his times taken out. But I got his birthdate from elsewhere and submitted them anyway. I was just wondering if there were any reason in the future why we'd want to honor such a request (e.g. privacy issues, as you mentioned).
Tyson (2010-02-02 20:03:33 +0000)
Such a request should probably be directed at the board. I believe it is inappropriate to strike results if they happened without an actual reason. Otherwise, I could conceivably make my results look more consistent by barring poor results. Especially in BLD solving, this would not be appropriate.
anders (2010-02-03 01:10:35 +0000)
Yes, I also think it should be an issue directed to the board. However, we have 2a) Any person may be a competitor during a competition, if he: 2a1) accepts the WCA regulations; 9i) Results of official WCA competitions must be listed on the WCA world rankings, if the full WCA regulations were applied. This implies implicitly that no results can be omitted and that the competitor has accepted it. Maybe we should include a more explicit paragraph saying that the competitor agrees to that the results are included in the WCA data base.