World Record Holders...

EmersonHerrmann (2008-06-20 03:19:02 +0000)
[size=150:20dhe4y5][b:20dhe4y5]WHO WILL BE THE NEXT WORLD RECORD HOLDER AFTER NAKAJIMA?[/b:20dhe4y5][/size:20dhe4y5] Any opinion on who it will be? Stefan, Erik, Harris, Edouard, Ron, Gilles, Andrew, Lucas, J.B., Tomasz, Eric (Limback), Benjamin, Mitsuki, Dan Harris, Dan Dzoan, Yumu, Joel, Leyan, Tyson, Michal, Thibaut, Lars, Dan Cohen, Michael (Gottlieb), Jean, Adam, Kouetsu, Joel, Toby, Ryan, Sy-Dar, Rama, Shelley, Milan, Chris, Yuji, Kim, Takayuki, Olivier, Rafal, Bernett, Ryosuke, Alexander, Rowe, Derrick, Kai, Anssi, Oliver, Lee, Back, Robert, Piotr, Chang, Petri, Henrick, Yohei, Daniel, Choi, Dennis, Tim, or Shotaru? You pick =D (I just picked out the top people from many different events) Anyways, name who you think will be the world record holder for what record (you dont have to choose from the list.) I hope this post goes here, have fun. =D
BigSams (2008-12-24 15:34:23 +0000)
nakajima is probably very near the limits of fridrich, for average times. humans can move their fingers only so fast. if people get automatic x-crosses, double x-crosses or some sort of LL skips, obviously they will get single times of sub-10, like erik who got 7.08 with an entire LL skip. but these rarely occur. the next step for serious cubers would be to ensure that they get some sort of skip during their solve. sebastien felix already uses this sometimes i think, with mini-zb and the 'winter variation'. if the record is going to be broken, either there has to be a very lucky cuber, or the way it looks right now, someone will have to master zbF2L and zbLL. this is because while fridrich needs 7 steps (cross, pair 1, pair 2, pair 3, pair 4, PLL, OLL), zb needs only 6 steps (cross, pair 1, pair 2, pair 3, pair 4 + simultaneous LL cross orientation, simultaneous orientation of LL corners and LL permutation). the problem is that the entire system needs the memorization of (not to mention the ability to instantly recognize cases and flexibly use them) around 800 algs. when i think of so many algs, i think to myself.. welllll, its just a cube!!!! but maybe theres someone out there who is willing to learn them all. i know that some people have already claimed to have mastered zbF2l, and now they are learning zbLL. there ARE also other expert systems that have not been created yet, so that is another possibility. i personally am creating one right now. i know that my fingers will never spin as fast as nakjima's so i will have to make up for that will more algs. and if nakajima ends up mastering zbF2L... well then, i dont think cubing would attract any more beginners because sub-10 average would be acheived and it would just be too competitive. we can watch nakjima, or actually learn the algs ourselves. you guys choose
cubetalk (2008-12-24 17:06:56 +0000)
is ZBLL doing the entire last layer in one move?
jbcm627 (2008-12-25 06:54:38 +0000)
[quote="cubetalk":32tbakcr]is ZBLL doing the entire last layer in one move?[/quote:32tbakcr] Yeah, sometimes its a U, but other times its a U'. I've actually gotten a U2 once before, too. I'll make this post [url=]useful[/url:32tbakcr], I [url=]guess[/url:32tbakcr].
Mati rubik (2009-01-07 03:14:53 +0000)
[quote="BigSams":37ntumvk]like erik who got 7.08 with an entire LL skip. but these rarely occur.[/quote:37ntumvk] PLL-skip, not LL-skip