Concern regarding Korean National Records (NR)

IlkyooChoi (2011-12-29 02:03:11 +0000)
Hi, The following is the page for Korean National Records: ... ry=History As you can see, the two most recent Korean National Records listed for Rubik's Magic (Single) are the following: (Rubik's Magic Single) NR 0.91 Lee Min Woo Korea León Winter 2011 NR 1.08 Chae Ji-Seok Korea Cubing Korea Xmas Eve 2011 Yet, León Winter 2011 was held on Dec 17, 2011 and Cubing Korea Xmas Eve 2011 was held on Dec 24, 2011. Thus, it seems like Chae Ji-Seok should not be listed. Thoughts?
Sebastien (2011-12-29 20:26:50 +0000)
You're obviously right. So I think you should have just emailed the Board to resolve this fast and discrete.
IlkyooChoi (2011-12-30 06:49:27 +0000)
Will do. Thanks.
Lucas (2011-12-30 08:12:08 +0000)
Actually, this seems more like a clerical error. It would probably be better to email the results team directly (