(Unofficial) WCA Timer

Guest (2005-05-10 00:10:26 +0000)
This program has not been approved by WCA, I just made it because i was board. This timer measures down to the hundredth of a second. This is also extreamly accurate. And it works like a stack matt! Enjoy everyone. Download it at the link below http://www.rival.bnetweb.com/WCATimer.exe To Admins, I would like to make this the official computer timer of WCA. Can you please give this a review and get back to me?
insanity_cubed (2005-05-11 15:18:41 +0000)
I've also been programming a timer. It's similar to NetCube in some ways (a little of the layout), but I made the whole timer from scratch. Although I haven't finished it yet, could I suggest a new contest? Programmers could enter their custom made timer to see which one gets the "official" title. 8) :wink:
Tyson (2005-05-16 07:23:20 +0000)
Hi Scott, There is a problem with your timer that immediately strikes me. I use a Mac... so I can't even open your timer to review it. Chris Hunt's JNet cube is an excellent timer that does most of the things that we need already. And also, it's in Java so it can run on all platforms. Is there anyway to make your timer universal? Also, I'm not sure that we actually need an official WCA timer. The computer timers aren't used in tournaments so people seem to just select whatever computer timer they like. If you make an awesome timer that is better than all the rest, then I'm sure the majority of the community will adopt it. -Tyson
Thom (2005-08-10 22:04:11 +0000)
Tyson raises a fair point. I use linux, so the only timers I'm able to use really are the online ones. Emulating an environment for these timers would give inaccurate results. Your best bet is to open source it, then it'll probibly be easily ported.
Anonymous (2005-09-28 15:03:24 +0000)
I can't open the page... :?
Thom (2005-09-28 17:35:15 +0000)
Heh. I don't think there should be any computer timer at all. The WCA doesn't really need an 'official' computer timer. Anyways, here's the one I knocked up once when I was bored. (Works on linux, mac and windows) [code:1rt4e9y2]#include <stdio.h> #include <time.h> int main () { system("clear"); printf("Rubiks Cube Timer V2\nsnkenjoi@gmail.com\n\nYou have 15 seconds to look at the cube\n\n"); sleep(10); printf("5 seconds left"); fflush(stdout); sleep(5); system("clear"); printf("Rubiks Cube Timer V2\nsnkenjoi@gmail.com\n\nYou may now solve the cube!\n(Press enter to stop the timer)\n\n"); fflush(stdout); time_t t0, t1; t0 = time(&t0); char a; scanf("%c", &a); t1 = time(&t1); printf("Time to finish: %d secs.\n\n",(int)(t1-t0)); return 0; } [/code:1rt4e9y2] 7 lines of code long. Go me! :P
Pedro_S (2005-12-20 19:18:02 +0000)
Scott, I still can't open your page... and Thom, how does this code works? where have I to put it on? Thanks Pedro
Thom (2005-12-22 22:42:45 +0000)
It's C code. Compile it in a C compiler.
Anonymous (2005-12-23 08:55:45 +0000)
Well, another post is ruined. How about quitting?
Anonymous (2005-12-24 08:22:32 +0000)
Hello all, In the code posted above, the statement sleep(10) should actully be sleep(10000) . This is because sleep takes the argument in milliseconds and we want it to pause for 10 seconds not milliseconds. Also the same with sleep(5) Happy Cubing! Sachin.
Seraph (2008-02-24 08:13:58 +0000)
Is there any good recommendation of cube timers? I am using ciebera.net timer for not but not really good since it uses the ctrl button on both side but i am using a laptop and... the keyboard will condemn if this continues...