I have acomplished my goal

Anonymous (2005-06-18 00:54:56 +0000)
Today, June 17th, I have got my first sub 1 minute time. Woo for me. The frustration is over of getting times like 1:02. Now I will set a new goal of a sub 1 min average. Just thought I'd let you all know this. :lol:
Chris_almich (2005-06-18 00:56:17 +0000)
And I also just realised that i posted that as a guest.. My bad
CUBE80S (2007-03-15 18:19:13 +0000)
Yeah i'm aiming for that, only started getting into cube again since the 80's about 3wks ago. TBH i have'nt searched all the algo's because i'm waiting for cube lube. So far im 2mins30secs lol absolute rubbish. I'll get there though.:D
edwardb (2008-05-26 00:32:38 +0000)
Congrats, Sub 1-min is my goal too for a single time. I did 1:03.85 in a competition last year and I wanna get sub 1-min at Da Vinci Science Center 2008. I recently got really close with something like 1:00.30, but not quite there. If I can learn all the 80-some algorithms instead of using the basic method, I can probably get like 30 or so seconds. -Edward