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Closing the forum gagou9 2015-11-10
WCA app devaansh dhingra 2015-11-09
RESTful API coder13 2015-07-12
WCA Picture BUG lumadi 2015-07-03
WCA Picture Anthony Yuen 2015-06-06
A map with competitions Skarrie 2009-01-12
incorrect birthday?? alantsang2915 2015-03-02
Forum update gagou9 2013-06-22
Can't submit a picture Pedro_S 2013-08-05
Wiki down? CarsonPenticuff 2010-04-19
Competitions map and Google Chrome TMOY 2013-08-09
Regulations in italian? rubikaz 2013-03-06
registration xlsx sheet and direct links to competition_edit gagou9 2011-03-21
Strange genders in the database Alberto 2011-03-08
Unofficial events in .CSV file? MadsMohr 2010-04-23
DOB on individual person's page r_517 2010-12-12
Using WCA's SQL export Alberto 2010-10-24
WCA signup form export to Excel MadsMohr 2010-09-20
Competition links look different Pedro_S 2010-08-23
Registration form Tim 2009-09-28
WR List Revamp qqwref 2010-04-25
Trojan Kenneth Gustavsson 2010-03-30
Competition listing question BryanLogan 2010-03-19
Rankings by more specific date. DanCohen 2010-03-03
Comptition Search Lucas 2009-04-08
"Sum of ranks" statistic blade740 2010-02-07
Spam Tim 2009-06-15
Competition Scrambles Lucas 2009-12-18
Login problem at main site? rjohnson_8ball 2009-12-03
Nationalities gagou9 2009-10-04
WCA ranking cut-off Jason 2009-07-22
Flag Images jbcañares 2009-07-31
Statistics page not loading Tim 2009-07-22
Renaming the Official Results Menu Lucas 2009-02-15
WCA ID hard to find magicmania 2009-04-10
Submitting a picture for personal information Shihang Wang 2009-04-07
WCA Wiki up Clement Gallet 2009-03-26
Information on WCA Profile Pages? JChoi 2009-03-22
Wish for info about rounds in result Claesson 2009-02-17
WCA emails down? Kit Clement 2009-02-17
Information not Appearing? byu 2009-02-16
Problem on the WCA results Edouard Chambon 2009-02-15
How do I get a account for WCA? twinsfan101 2009-02-15
"New events" category for this forum Masayuki 2009-01-26
Homepage Link Bob 2009-01-08
Error on Map Kit Clement 2009-01-16
Beginners speedsolving solution? Funkboy 2008-12-12
More info for starting cubers on the site Erik 2008-11-12
National and continental records - different colors? Pedro_S 2008-12-03
ID in registration form Kenneth Gustavsson 2008-12-04
Square-1 scrambling Kenneth Gustavsson 2008-10-27
First page of www.speedcubing.com Claesson 2008-11-07
Cube game variations on the iPhone & iPod Touch m.both@comcast.net 2008-09-11
WCA Logo jbcm627 2008-05-23
Bug? Kenneth Gustavsson 2005-10-19
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