YJ Fest 2018

May 18 - 20, 2018
Moscow, Russia

I.M.Astakhov Culture Center

109382, Moscow, Lyublinskaya street, 149
YJ Fest 2018 website
Elizaveta Ermolkina and Roman Strakhov
WCA Delegate
Nikolay Masson
fpmk2@ya.ru, lizkin-99@mail.ru, nick.masson@yandex.ru
Competitor Limit

The registration will close on May 6, 23:59 or when we reach 400 competitors. Please don't forget to check e-mails for important messages from organization team. You can learn more on competition's VK Page

Registration period

Online registration opened and closed .

Registration requirements
This competition is over, click here to display the registration requirements it used.

After registering on WCA website your registration will be accepted within few days. 2 weeks before the competition you will also receive an e-mail asking to confirm your participation. After replying to this e-mail your registration will be approved completely.

После регистрации на сайте WCA Ваша заявка будет одобрена в течение нескольких дней. За 2 недели до соревнований Вам дополнительно придёт электронное письмо с просьбой подтвердить регистрацию. Ответив на это письмо, вы окончатльно подтверждаете заявку на участие.

Event Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
3x3x3 Cube Dmitry Kryuzban 7.69 8.55 Russia 8.508.978.1713.177.69
2x2x2 Cube Aleksandr Beznogov 1.95 2.57 Russia 2.242.463.001.955.57
4x4x4 Cube Andrey Che 30.79 33.93 Russia 30.8430.7940.0838.4332.51
5x5x5 Cube Alexey Zharikov 53.81 NR 57.35 NR Russia 53.811:01.9055.941:01.6454.48
6x6x6 Cube Alexey Zharikov 1:40.02 1:44.69 NR Russia 1:52.341:41.711:40.02
7x7x7 Cube Alexey Zharikov 2:17.45 NR 2:24.93 ER Russia 2:25.052:32.302:17.45
3x3x3 Blindfolded Kaijun Lin (林恺俊) 22.96 DNF China 23.70DNF22.96
3x3x3 Fewest Moves Andrey Che 28 33.67 Russia 283736
3x3x3 One-Handed Andrey Che 11.00 13.41 Russia 11.0014.9411.4914.8313.92
3x3x3 With Feet Oleksandr Ivanchak (Олександр Іванчак) 37.45 45.46 Ukraine 49.4154.5137.4543.0743.91
Clock Dmitry Gundin 5.12 6.52 Russia 5.126.447.355.7610.60
Megaminx Andrey Che 46.80 51.95 Russia 51.8857.5849.5154.4546.80
Pyraminx Ilya Nazarov 2.95 4.07 Russia 2.954.014.774.243.96
Skewb Aleksandr Beznogov 2.72 3.57 Russia 3.553.183.976.932.72
Square-1 Andrey Che 11.52 12.17 Russia 11.7312.9711.5211.82DNF
4x4x4 Blindfolded Kaijun Lin (林恺俊) 1:40.39 China 1:40.39DNF1:43.63
5x5x5 Blindfolded Kaijun Lin (林恺俊) 4:54.46 China DNFDNF4:54.46
3x3x3 Multi-Blind Kamil Przybylski 41/42 59:57 Poland 33/40 1:00:0039/40 1:00:0041/42 59:57

Версия в Google Docs: здесь
Spreadsheet version is available here




If you need to get the visa for Russia, the organizers will be glad to provide an invitation letter. Please contact us beforehand if you need any assistance.

From each of the 3 Moscow international airports you can get to the city center using either:
- public transport (bus + metro) for less than 2 euro, it takes from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours, depending on the airport and the destination.
- speed train (aeroexpress) for about 6 euro, takes about 40 minutes for 6 euro
- taxi (airport taxe, Uber, Yandex taxi etc.) for 15-20 euro. This usually takes more than 1h because of the Moscow traffic.

For accommodation you can use any booking website such as booking.com, there are always plenty of options available including hotels/hostels/apartments right near the venue. You can also contact the organizers directly, there's a chance some competitors from Moscow may share their places.

The venue is 1km away (~12 minutes by walking) from the Bratislavslaya metro station. The full guide with photos on how to get to the venue will appear here 2 weeks before the competition.

We will be glad to see the competitors from all around the world on the YJ Fest!