Suisse Toy Fast Fingers 2017

Oct 14 - 15, 2017
Bern, Switzerland


Mingerstrasse 6, 3014 Bern, Schweiz


Suisse Toy Fast Fingers 2017 website
Thomas Stadler
WCA Delegates
Oleg Gritsenko and Reto Bubendorf
Competitor Limit
Entry Fee

Diese Speedcubing Meisterschaft, die "Suisse Toy Fast Fingers 2017" findet innerhalb der Suisse Toy 2017 in Bern statt. Die Suisse Toy ist die grösste Spielzeugmesse der Schweiz und wir dürfen voller Stolz den Leuten die Faszination unseres Sports demonstrieren.
Die Startgebühren für alle Teilnehmer betragen einmalige 15Fr. Damit decken wir einen kleinen Teil der Standgebühren. In den Startgebühren ist der Eintrittspreis zur Suisse Toy nicht enthalten. Dieser muss an der Eingangskasse separat bezahlt werden.

Die Suisse Toy dauern vom Donnerstag 12.Okt bis Sonntag 15. Oktober. Wenn Speedcuber an den ersten zwei Tagen am Stand mithelfen, bekommen sie den Eintritt zur Suisse Toy für die zwei Wettkampftage geschenkt. Mail an Organisator Thomas Stadler


The following events will be held :
2x2x2 (3 rounds)
3x3x3 (3 rounds)
4x4x4 (2 rounds)
5x5x5 (2 rounds)
Pyraminx (3 rounds)
Skewb (2 rounds)
3x3x3 one-handed (2 rounds)
3x3x3 blindfolded (2 rounds)

Note that the schedule may be changed slightly, according to the number of registration.


Start Event Round Cutoff Format
10:00 Registration
10:30 Judging tutorial
10:45 3x3x3 one-handed Combined First  1:00 Bo2/Ao5
11:20 5x5x5 Combined First 4:00 Bo2/Ao5
12:20 Lunch
13:05 4x4x4 Combined First 2:30 Bo2/Ao5
14:05 3x3x3 blindfolded First 15:00 cumulative Bo3
14:35 5x5x5   Final round 75% proceeded Ao5
15:30 4x4x4 Final round 75% proceeded Ao5
16:10 3x3x3 blindfolded Final round 75% proceeded Bo3
16:40 Skewb Combined First 1:00 Bo2/Ao5
17:10 3x3x3 one-handed Final round 75% proceeded Ao5
17:40 Winner Ceremony
18:00 End


Start Event Round Cut off Format
10:00 Registration
10:30 Judging tutorial
10:45 3x3x3 First round Ao5
11:35 Pyraminx Combined First 1:00 Bo2/Ao5
12:10 Lunch
13:10 2x2x2 Combined First 1:00 Bo2/Ao5
14:00 3x3x3 Second round 75% proceeded Ao5
14:30 Pyraminx Second round 75% proceeded Ao5
15:00 2x2x2 Second round 75% proceeded Ao5
15:30 Skewb Final round 75% proceeded Ao5
15:45 Pyraminx Final round 75% proceeded Ao5
16:00 2x2x2 Final round 75% proceeded Ao5
16:15 3x3x3 Final round 75% proceeded Ao5
17:15 Winner Ceremony
18:00 End

Messegelände Bernexpo

The Suisse Toy Fast Fingers is a Rubik's Cube competition organised by Thomas Stadler and the Suisse Toy festival.
For questions or information please e-mail to Thomas.

With this competition we hope to attract a lot of cubers and give the guests of the Suisse Toy a chance to see the fascination of this sport.
We also warmly invite competitors who come from abroad to give this event an exciting international mixture.

Results of the championship will be added to the official WCA World Rankings

At the start of the competition, all competitors can familiarize with the official timing equipment : the Stackmat timer.
Any puzzle brand may be used during the competition, as long as it complies with the WCA regulations.

It is very important that all the participants have studied the regulations in detail to ensure a flawless process of the competition.

They can be found here : English Deutsch Français