South Enough 2018

Jan 13, 2018
Santa Cruz, California, United States

Civic Auditorium

307 Church St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Civic Auditorium

Organization team
Eric Yang and Nitin Subramanian
WCA Delegate
Brandon Harnish

The first ever competition in Santa Cruz, CA!
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Registration is completed after signing up on this website, and paying $25 via Stripe.

If your are a new competitor, please read the New Competitor Tab

All competitors are expected to be available to judge/scramble/run at all times. If you would like to volunteer to judge/scramble/run, please use the contact email provided on this page.

Main event
Registration period

Online registration opened and closed .

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Will Newhoff won with an average of 8.94 seconds in the 3x3x3 Cube event. Varun Mohanraj finished second (9.59) and Paul Mahvi finished third (9.75).

Event Name Best Average Representing Solves
3x3x3 Cube Will Newhoff 7.80 8.94 United States 8.827.809.759.148.87
4x4x4 Cube Paul Mahvi 25.89 33.81 United States 39.1433.1533.1225.8935.15
5x5x5 Cube Paul Mahvi 1:02.02 1:04.80 United States 1:08.621:06.271:02.021:04.561:03.57
3x3x3 Blindfolded Neel Gore 22.46 DNF United States DNF26.2822.46
3x3x3 One-Handed Derek Tat 14.58 15.27 United States 14.5817.6715.3714.7015.73
Pyraminx Nathan Nakaguchi 2.62 3.88 United States 2.835.744.162.624.64

Finalized Schedule

last updated 9 January 2018

Note: All rounds scheduled after 3x3 Round 1 will start as soon as the previous round ends. Please be ready to compete at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time for these events.

Time Event/Round Format Cutoff Time Limit
9:00 AM 5x5x5 Cube Combined Final Average of 5 2:30 in 2 attempts 3:30 per solve
10:00 AM 3x3x3 Blindfolded Round 1 Best of 3 20:00 cumulative
10:30 AM 4x4x4 Cube Combined First Average of 5 1:30 in 2 attempts 2:00 per solve
12:00 PM Lunch / Staff 3x3x3 Best of 1
12:45 PM Pyraminx Combined Final Average of 5 0:20 in 2 attempts 1:00 per solve
1:30 PM 3x3x3 Cube Round 1 Average of 5 N/A 10:00 per solve
3:00 PM 3x3x3 One Handed Combined First Average of 5 0:45 in 2 attemps 1:30 per solve
4:00 PM 4x4x4 Cube Final Average of 5 Top 12 2:00 per solve
4:30 PM 3x3x3 Cube Round 2 Average of 5 Top 24 (at least) 10:00 per solve
5:10 PM 3x3x3 One-Handed Final Average of 5 Top 12 1:30 per solve
5:30 PM 3x3x3 Cube Final Average of 5 Top 12 10:00 per solve
6:00 PM 3x3x3 Blindfolded Final (Tentative) Best of 3 Top 6 20:00 cumulative
6:25 PM Awards

The Cutoff is the time you must solve under in your first 2 solves (or 1st solve for a mean of 3) in order to complete your average (or mean). The Time Limit is the amount of time you are given to complete any attempt.
More complete definitions of Cutoff and Time Limit can be found in the Regulations, accessible through the site navigation bar.

Notes on tentative events:
* 3x3 Blind Finals will be held if it appears that 3x3 Finals will end on time

What are these?

For each event/round, we will call up competitors to compete in groups. Please listen for your group number to be called.
Groups will be called in numerical order.

When your group number is called:

  • Go to the scrambling table with your solved puzzle.
  • Take the scorecard with your name on it. If it's not there, check another scrambling table.
  • Grab an empty cube cover (it's a paper box, either white or black)
  • Place your cube and your scorecard in the box.
  • Set the box sideways on the scrambling table, next to the other sideways boxes.
  • Wait behind the timing stations and away from the scrambling table to be called to a timing station.

Competitor Groups (in schedule order)

5x5x5 Cube Combined Final Round

Group 1 Group 2
Ant Irizarry Christopher Sun
Christopher Lee Neel Gore
Derek Tat Nitin Subramanian
Graham Siggins Paul Mahvi
Henry McNamara Payton Eike
Jacob Posner Ryan Jew
Jeremy Fleischman Varun Mohanraj
Kehan Jin (金可含) Vivek Verma
Nathan Wu Ziheng Shi
Riley Woo

3x3x3 Blindfolded Round 1

Everyone is in Group 1.

4x4x4 Cube Combined First Round

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Aaron Paskow Christopher Sun Graham Siggins
Ant Irizarry Jack Leo Wilson Nathan Wu
Assaf Shaham Jacob Posner Neel Gore
Bill Yuan Jaden Ahn Payton Eike
Christopher Lee Jasper Wu Riley Woo
Cole Colquhoun Kehan Jin (金可含) Ryan Yoon
David Lin Keith Maben Saheb Sabharwal
Derek Tat Nash Horton Varun Mohanraj
Eric Yang Nathan Nakaguchi Vivek Verma
Henry McNamara Nitin Subramanian Will Newhoff
Jeremy Fleischman Paul Mahvi Ziheng Shi
Ryan Jew Ryan Lee

Pyraminx Combined Final Round

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Aaron Paskow Aidan Greathouse Ant Irizarry
Aidan Costello Christopher Sun Graham Siggins
Alex Lim Jack McLachlan Nathan Nakaguchi
Assaf Shaham Jasper Wu Patrick Ong
Austin Chen Jayk Oberkirch Payton Eike
Bill Yuan Kehan Jin (金可含) Riley Woo
Christopher Lee Keith Maben Ryan Yoon
Cole Colquhoun Matias Pissanetzky Saheb Sabharwal
Gabriel R. Morrison Matthew Nielsen Samuel Low
Gus Bennett Minsung Kim Varun Mohanraj
Henry McNamara Nash Horton Vivek Verma
Jack Leo Wilson Nathan Bryce Agan Will Newhoff
Jacob Posner Paul Mahvi Ziheng Shi
Ryan Lee Ryan Jew Ziqi Li

3x3x3 Cube Round 1

Group 0 Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4 Group 5
Ant Irizarry Aaron Paskow Aaron Swihart Aiden Deffner Jayk Oberkirch Nathan Wu
Brandon Harnish Aidan Costello Aidan Greathouse Christopher Wu Matthew Nielsen Ryan Yoon
Eric Yang Alex Lim Christopher Sun Jack McLachlan Nash Horton Samuel Low
Graham Siggins Assaf Shaham Devin Josiah Harvell Kehan Jin (金可含) Nathan Nakaguchi Shawn Azman
Jacob Posner Austin Chen Gabriel R. Morrison Kehau McCarthy Nayan Ramam Srishail Mukundan
Jeremy Fleischman Bill Yuan Gus Bennett Keith Maben Noah Nakaguchi Varun Mohanraj
Neel Gore Calvin K. Smith Henry McNamara Kian Kwa Patrick Ong Vivek Verma
Nitin Subramanian Christopher Lee Jack Leo Wilson Kyle Flett Payton Eike Will Newhoff
Paul Mahvi Cole Colquhoun Jaden Ahn Matias Pissanetzky Russell Bingham Ziheng Shi
Riley Woo David Lin Jasper Wu Minsung Kim Ryan Lee Ziming Li
Ryan Jew Derek Tat Joel Kubacki Nathan Bryce Agan Saheb Sabharwal Ziqi Li

3x3x3 One Handed Combined First Round

Group 1 Group 2 Group 3
Aaron Paskow Christopher Sun Christopher Wu
Aidan Costello Gus Bennett Eric Yang
Austin Chen Jacob Posner Graham Siggins
Bill Yuan Jasper Wu Nathan Wu
Calvin K. Smith Jeremy Fleischman Nitin Subramanian
Christopher Lee Kehan Jin (金可含) Paul Mahvi
Cole Colquhoun Keith Maben Ryan Yoon
David Lin Kian Kwa Saheb Sabharwal
Derek Tat Nathan Nakaguchi Samuel Low
Gabriel R. Morrison Neel Gore Varun Mohanraj
Jack Leo Wilson Riley Woo Vivek Verma
Nathan Bryce Agan Ryan Lee Will Newhoff
Ryan Jew Ziqi Li

New Competitors

For those of you new to cubing, WELCOME!

We wanted to let you know this event is perfectly fine for cubers of ANY age and experience. We just ask you know a couple things before coming to compete...

First, please be familiar with the WCA Regulations, found here:

Of course, those regulations contain a lot of legalese, so we have a video made specifically for new cubers, just to show them the basics of competing. This video will explain most of what any cuber competing for the first time will need to know.

If you are stoked to compete and ready to sign up, head over to the registration tab, click register, and fill out the information it asks for. This will help you get set up with the WCA's system and one step closer to your first official solve!


Q: Do I use my own cube to compete?
A: YES! You are responsible for your own hardware in order to compete. This means you should bring your own cube, or arrange to borrow a cube from a friend.

Q: What is the normal age of competitors at these events?
A: All ages are welcome, but in general competitors are between 10 and 20 years old. Don't let this stop you though, everyone can and should cube!

Q: What do I do when I walk in?
A: There is NO CHECK-IN. If you registered online, just have fun and hang out with other cubers. We will be calling people up, so just wait for your name/group to be announced.

Q: How do I find results?
A: All results are posted on the WCA page within a week after the competition finishes. However, for the day of competing, go to to find information about current events. This is also where you will find information about 2nd and 3rd rounds of events. Remember, the results are entered by a human so please be patient if you do not see your results immediately.

Q: Why am I not on the registration list yet?
A: Make sure you pay you entrance fee in order to be placed on the registered list, which will also guarantee you a spot in the competition. If payment is an issue, see the contact link at the bottom of the page to contact us, and see if we can work out another payment strategy, such as having you pay on arrival at the competition. No matter what your situation may be however, please register online. You may only compete if you have registered online and paid before the deadline.

Q: Are there age divisions?
A: Nope! All competitors compete together.

Q: Can I have fun at this event?
A: HECK YES! Cubing is amazing, and we sincerely hope you enjoy the competition!

Registration and Payment

Please follow all instructions or else your registration may be delayed.
There is a 180 person competitor limit on this competition.

  • Register by clicking here.

  • Click on "Pay your fees via card". To complete your registration you MUST pre-pay.
    In 48 hours, if you do NOT see your name on the competitors list then please send an email to the contact on the General Info tab.

  • Failure to do any of these steps may result in a delay in registration.

Travel and Venue Information

  • The competition will be held in the main room of the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium (307 Church St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060)
  • There is metered parking near the venue, as well as free 2-hour parking on walnut ave. There are also a few all day free spots on walnut ave.

Time limit

If you reach the time limit during your solve, the judge will stop you and your result will be DNF (see Regulation A1a4).
A cumulative time limit may be enforced (see Regulation A1a2).


The result to beat to proceed to the second phase of a cutoff round (see Regulation 9g).


The format describes how to determine the ranking of competitors based on their results. The list of allowed formats per event is described in Regulation 9b. See Regulation 9f for a description of each format.

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