Kansai Star Festival 2012


If you want to register this competition and have some question,please send us mail kansai@jrca.cc. Registration Fee: 500Yen for each event. Registration will be closed on Jun 17,2012

Event Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
Rubik's Cube Yu Nakajima (中島悠) 8.65 10.44 Japan 10.138.6510.2810.9120.53
4x4x4 Cube Yu Sajima (佐島優) 37.03 37.69 Japan 37.6638.0537.0342.5337.36
5x5x5 Cube Yu Nakajima (中島悠) 56.08 1:03.06 AsR Japan 1:04.111:12.5057.6856.081:07.38
Square-1 Fumiki Koseki (古関章記) 21.58 25.76 Japan 21.5826.3128.9422.0249.22