Asian Championship 2018


Please visit the competition website for more information.

Registration requirements

Please read “Events Page” for registration fee and phases. Competitors must meet the qualifying times before 2018/07/04 (Wed), otherwise you are not eligible to participate in the event. The registration starts from 2018/04/15 (Sun.) 20:00 and ends at 2018/07/04 (Wed.) 23:59. After you have done registration, the payment information and the link will be showed on the website. Please follow the steps for payment. You could also click “Competitors Page" and find your name then click on "Detail" to view your payment information. The registration system only accepts online payment (e.g. Credit Card, Alipay). Competitors must pay the registration fee within 2 days after registered online. If you didn't completed the payment within limit, the system will release the quota automatically. If competitor wants to cancel the registration, please send an e-mail to We accept refund before 2018/06/24 (Sun.) 23:59, and we will deduct 50% of the fee as service charge.