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Incident: A competitor did not sign for an attempt and did not qualify for the finals

Status: Resolved


LafayetteFall2019 MPEIOpen2019

Incident description and resolution:

A competitor did not sign for an attempt in R2 and did not qualify for the final round. This was discovered after the competition. This violates Regulation A7c4):

A7c4) The competitor should not sign an attempt before the judge has recorded and signed the attempt. The competitor is ultimately responsible for ensuring that they and the judge have signed an attempt. If an attempt is found to be missing one or both signatures after the judge delivered the score sheet to the score taker (see Regulation A7f), it will be considered unfinished (DNF).

Although the Guideline A7c4+) allows a competitor to add a missing signature if it is found by the score taker. The missing signature was found after the competition and thus, the guideline does not apply here.

The WRC agreed that the original attempt should be a DNF and therefore the attempts from the finals should be removed. In addition, there is an existing Incident Log that followed a similar reasoning.

More generally, this is what WRC decided to apply when results were wrongly entered, and someone mistakenly proceeded to the next round:

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