Weston Fall 2017

Nov 11, 2017
Weston, Massachusetts, United States

The Meadowbrook School of Weston

10 Farm Road, Weston, MA, United States
Weston Fall 2017 website
Alexander Cohen
WCA Delegate
Matthew McMillan

Organizer Contact

Competitor Limit
Entry Fee

There is a 120 competitor limit. Your registration is not considered complete until you have registered and paid (via Stripe payment). We are not accepting any registrations or payments at the door.


Please note that everything on the schedule is subject to change

Event TIme Cutoff/ Time Limit
3x3 Round one 8:00-9:30 N/A / 10:00
Sqaure-1 Round one 9:30-10:30 0:45 / 1:00
4x4 Combined Final 10:30-11:30 1:10/ 2:00
Megaminx Combined Final 11:30-1:00 2:00/ 3:00
Lunch 1:00-1:30 N/A
5x5 Combined Final 1:30-2:30 2:00/ 3:00
3x3 Round two 2:30-3:00 Top 32
6x6 Combined Final 3:00-4:00 4:00/ 6:00
7x7 Combined Final 4:00-5:00 5:30/ 7:30
Square-1 Finals 5:00-5:30 Top 16
3x3 Finals 5:30-6:00 Top 16
Awards & Clean up 6:00-6:30 N/A

1. 4x4
2. 5x5
3. 3x3
4. 6x6
5. 7x7
6. Megaminx
7. Square-1

Please note that everything on the schedule is subject to change

The competition will be held at the Meadowbrook School of Weston's cafeteria. There will be ample seating for both competitors and spectators. We advise competitors to arrive by car. Unfortunately, there are no rapid transit or bus stations within walking distance of the venue. Free parking will be available for all.

The registration fee for this competition is $15.00. The WCA Stripe payment system is being used for this competition. You will be prompted to pay following registration. You are not considered registered until you pay via Stripe.

If you paid but don't see your name on the registration list within 48 hours of payment, please email the organizers.

You must register and pay online to compete. No at-the-door registrations or payments will be accepted under any circumstances. We realize this may not be ideal for some people, but this allows us to have an exact count of people attending and lets us use staff resources more effectively the day of the competition. Spectators may attend for free.

There will be NO waitlist for this competition.

Groups will be posted here once registration closes. We will email all competitors to notify them of the posting of groups.

CubeDepot will be sponsoring this competition

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Place Prize:
1st place in 3x3 $25 gift card
2nd place in 3x3 $20 gift card
3rd place in 3x3 $15 gift card
1st place in all other events $10 gift card
2nd place in all other events $7 gift card
3rd place in all other events $5 gift card

Because of the lack of options in the area, we are offering an option of pizza

The day of the competiton, when you first walk in, there will be someone taking orders.

A slice of cheese pizza will be $2 and a slice of pepperoni will be $2.50

Of course do not feel obligated to order pizza, you are more than welcome to bring your own food.