West Coast Cubing Tour - Reno 2018

Registration requirements for the competition:

Create a WCA account here if you don't have one.
If this is not your first competition, associate your WCA ID to your WCA account here.
Register for this competition below.
There is a competitor limit of 75 competitors.
The base registration fee for this competition is $15 (United States Dollar).

Registration requirements listed here are for this competition only. Other competitions may have different registration requirements.

Before You Register

All prospective registrants need a WCA account. Competitors can create their own WCA account by clicking here and entering the required information. For returning competitors (i.e. have competed before), you will need to claim your WCA ID.
Brandon will assist competitors trying to connect their WCA account with their WCA ID.

How to Register Online

The initial competitor limit for this competition is 75. This limit may be raised; check this page for updates.
Prospective competitors register by:
1. Signing into their WCA account;
2. Clicking "Register" on the left side of this webpage, selecting the events they would like to compete in, and submitting their registration.

By registering for this competition, you guarantee your spot as a competitor.

How to Withdraw/Alter Registration

Registered competitors withdraw/alter their registration by emailing the organisation team (unrrubiks@gmail.com) the following:
1. Statement of intent to withdraw/alter registration.
2. Changes to registration (if appplicable).
3. Name (and WCA ID, if applicable) of the competitor.

Waitlist Policies

If online registration meets the competitor limit, online registration will immediately close, and a waitlist will open.
Prospective competitors sign up for the waitlist by:
1. Signing into their WCA account;
2. Clicking "Register" on the left side of this webpage, selecting the events they would like to compete in, and submitting their registration.
As spots open in registration, waitlist members will be given the opportunity to register for the competition. Waitlist members will be given this opportunity in the order that they signed up.
Waitlist members register by:
1. Receiving an email from the organisation team (subject line "[West Coast Cubing Tour - Reno 2018]: It's Your Turn to Register!");
2. Within 48 hours, replying to the email stating intent to register.
If a waitlist member receives a registration offer and fails to reply, they will be removed from the waitlist and notified.
No registration offers will be given after July 11, 2018.

Check-In (Required for ALL competitors)

At the competition, all competitors MUST check in and pay during the check-in period, as listed on the Schedule.
Failure to enter the line for check-in during this time period will result in withdrawal of registration.
Competitors will receive a name tag and a schedule sheet.
The cost to compete is $15.00 in cash. No credit card payments will be accepted. Change is limited.
Registration fees for UNR/Davidson Academy students, staff, and faculty are at a reduced price of $10.00 cash.

On-Site Registration

If the competitor limit has not yet been reached at the time online registration closes, then prospective competitors are allowed to register on-site for any combination of events offered at this competition.
The registration cost for on-site registrants is $20.00, to be paid in cash at the competition. For UNR/Davidson Academy students, staff, and faculty, the on-site registration cost is $15.00.
On-site registration is open on a first-come, first-serve basis until the competitor limit is reached. On-site registrants will compete in the last group of each round.

Staff Member Registration

Competition staff members are hand-selected by the organisation team and will be offered registration free of charge in exchange for their service to the cubing community for the entire duration of the competition.

Registration closed about 5 years ago on .
Sign in to check the status of your registration. If you do not yet have a WCA account, you can create one here, but it is too late to register for this competition.
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