Swedish Championship 2018

May 11 - 13, 2018
Borås, Sweden

Navet Science Center

Skaraborgsvägen 1A, 506 30 Borås
Swedish Championship 2018 website
Daniel Wallin
WCA Delegate
Anders Berggren

Daniel Wallin

Competitor Limit
Entry Fee
200 kr (Swedish Krona)

Welcome to the Swedish Championship 2018! The competition is open to everyone but a competitor limit has been set to 150 competitiors due to venue constraints. Visitors are very welcome to attend this competition for free. Registration will happen on this WCA-page and is not considered complete before we have recieved the payment of the entry fee which has been set to 200 SEK. For more information, plese visit the competition website.

Registration period

From to .

Registration requirements

Everyone is welcome to attend and compete, but their registration must be completed on this website before the 6th of May. A registration is considered complete when the entry fee of 200 SEK has been payed and their registration has been accepted so that their name appears on the competitors list.

If the competitor limit is reached, confirmation e-mails will be sent out to all registred competitors where all competitors will have to confirm their intention to compete. This confirmation e-mail must be answered within the next week (7 days). Competitors who will not longer be able to compete or miss to answer the confirmation e-mail will be replaced with the next person on the waiting list, and the original competitors entry fee will be fully refunded.