Suginami Open 2017


Suginami Open 2017 has events 3x3x3, 2x2x2, 3x3x3 blindfolded and Megaminx. We do not accept late registration and don't miss the registration.
We accept payment only with cash at the entrance.

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The base registration fee for this competition is ¥2,000 (Japanese Yen).
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Arifumi Fushimi (伏見有史) won with an average of 8.04 seconds in the 3x3x3 Cube event. Rituraj Sohoni finished second (8.71) and Tomoya Iida (飯田朋也) finished third (9.93).

3x3x3 Cube

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Arifumi Fushimi (伏見有史) 6.07 8.04 Japan 8.178.356.078.027.92
2 Rituraj Sohoni 7.45 8.71 India 8.257.4510.859.358.52
3 Tomoya Iida (飯田朋也) 8.35 9.93 Japan 8.3510.739.109.9510.93

2x2x2 Cube

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Tomohiro Kobayashi (小林知広) 2.53 2.77 Japan 5.042.962.622.732.53
2 Asato Irifune (入船朝斗) 3.04 3.56 Japan 3.485.023.043.803.41
3 Philipp Steck 3.22 3.81 Germany 3.224.903.633.684.13

3x3x3 Blindfolded

# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Oto Aoyagi (青柳吟) 22.30 NR DNF Japan 22.30DNFDNF
2 Yuki Yamamoto (山本祐輝) 31.76 DNF Japan DNFDNF31.76
3 Yuhei Takagi (高木佑平) 40.67 DNF Japan 40.671:13.68DNF


# Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
1 Arifumi Fushimi (伏見有史) 41.50 NR 47.48 NR Japan 53.0252.0444.3446.0541.50
2 Masayuki Hirai (平井雅之) 48.58 55.21 Japan 58.4648.5854.7453.1957.71
3 Yota Ueda (上田陽太) 54.14 57.61 Japan 1:04.151:00.0654.1458.0554.73
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