EPGY Stanford Winter 2010

Feb 13, 2010
Stanford, California, United States

Stanford University

Stanford University. Stanford, California 94305

Annenberg Auditorium, Stanford

EPGY Stanford Winter 2010 website
WCA Delegate
Leyan Lo

Lucas GarronBrett Wines


We will be collecting registration fees from competitors to pay expenses. Registration will be $5 for the first event, $2 for each additional event. $1 of each competitor's fee will go to the WCA. Pre-registration: Competitors may pre-register for the competition until February 6. Competitors who do not pre-register can register at the door for an additional $5 fee. Stanford: Stanford community members may compete for free (even if they did not pre-register).

Event Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
Rubik's Cube Dan Dzoan 12.44 12.69 United States 12.7812.4417.0212.7512.55
2x2x2 Cube Edward Lin 2.90 3.81 United States 2.903.585.403.344.50
5x5x5 Cube Lucas Garron 1:46.72 1:55.51 Germany 2:04.961:57.271:58.221:51.031:46.72
3x3x3 Blindfolded Leyan Lo 1:16.53 DNF United States DNF2:14.861:16.53
3x3x3 One-Handed Jeremy Fleischman 15.77 18.28 United States 21.6816.4415.7720.0818.31
Pyraminx Matthew Chang 6.50 7.49 United States 7.786.509.187.037.65
Square-1 Takao Hashimoto (橋本貴夫) 14.77 21.32 Japan 19.7852.1822.3814.7721.80
Rubik's Magic Takao Hashimoto (橋本貴夫) 1.16 1.22 Japan
Master Magic Ryan Jew 2.66 2.92 United States 3.192.773.532.812.66