SacCubing V 2018

Aug 25, 2018
Roseville, California, United States

Placer County Fairgrounds

850 All America City Blvd, Roseville, CA 95678, USA

Johnson Hall


Christian Martin

Chris Martin and Ethan Littlejohn
WCA Delegate
Shelley Chang

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Sacramento's fifth cubing competition is coming up! Make sure to sign up to reserve your spot!

Registration fee is $25, and you are permitted to sign up for all available events. Note: The venue for SacCubing V 2018 is the same venue as SacCubing III and IV.

All competitors must be available/willing to judge/run for the competition.

Main event
Registration period

Online registration opened and closed .

Registration requirements
This competition is over, click here to display the registration requirements it used.
Create a WCA account here if you don't have one.
If this is not your first competition, associate your WCA ID to your WCA account here.
Register for this competition here.
There is a competitor limit of 130 competitors.
The base registration fee for this competition is $25 (United States Dollar).

Please follow all instructions or else your registration may be delayed.
There is a 130 person competitor limit on this competition.

After registering, click on "Pay your fees via card". To complete your registration you MUST pre-pay.
In 48 hours, if you do NOT see your name on the competitors list then please send an email to the contact on the General Info tab.

Failure to do any of these steps may result in a delay in registration.

If you have registered and are no longer able to attend, please contact us. If you wish to cancel your registration, you can request a 50% refund before registration closes. After registration closes, no refunds will be given.

Depending on how full registration is, we may allow late registrants. However, it is highly encouraged that you register before the registration date closes, so that you do not miss your spot to compete.

Click here to display the highlights of the competition.

Max Park won with an average of 6.90 seconds in the 3x3x3 Cube event. Christopher Yen finished second (7.48) and Varun Mohanraj finished third (7.77).

North American records: Max Park‎ 3x3x3 Cube 4.40 (single).

Event Name Best Average Representing Solves
3x3x3 Cube Max Park 5.76 6.90 United States 7.296.648.786.785.76
4x4x4 Cube Max Park 20.16 23.01 United States 25.0823.1820.1621.8624.00
7x7x7 Cube Max Park 1:56.05 2:02.53 United States 1:56.052:06.362:05.19
3x3x3 One-Handed Max Park 8.19 10.31 United States 13.6511.088.1910.739.12
Clock Chris Martin 7.45 9.56 United States 7.4511.978.5010.639.55
Pyraminx Aaron Paskow 2.49 2.97 United States 3.452.492.553.203.17
Square-1 Nico Harper (李有為) 14.07 15.15 United States 14.2216.4314.8026.6914.07

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For those of you new to cubing, WELCOME!

We wanted to let you know this event is perfectly fine for cubers of any age and experience. We just ask you know a couple things before coming to compete...

First, please be familiar with the WCA Regulations, found here:

Of course, those regulations contain a lot of legalese, so we have a video made specifically for new cubers, just to show them the basics of competing. This video will explain most of what any cuber competing for the first time will need to know.

If you have any questions after this video, we will be having a new competitor tutorial, Saturday morning of the competition. That would be the perfect time to ask those questions and clear up any confusion.

If you are stoked to compete and ready to sign up, head over to the registration tab, click register, and fill out the information it asks for. This will help you get set up the WCA's system and one step closer to your first official solve!


Q: Do I use my own cube to compete?

A: YES! You are responsible for your own hardware in order to compete.

Q: What is the normal age of competitors at these events?

A: All ages are welcome, but in general competitors are between 10 and 20 years old. Don't let this stop you though, everyone can and should cube!

Q: What is the competition like?

A; Competitions are a bunch of tables where nerds like us get to sit and discuss our favorite thing, Cubes! Of course in addition there is competing, which will occupy one side of the competition hall, where you will see lots of timers flickering with contestants new personal bests, and a vendor, where you can purchase all you cubing related needs. Most competitions have a break for lunch, and the competing is split up into heats, as to better organize who competes when. (Check the Groups tab and listen at the competition for more info on this.)

Q: How do I find results?

A: All results are posted on the WCA page a couple of days after the competition finishes. However, for the day of competing, go to to find information about current events. This is also where you will find information about 2nd and 3rd rounds of events.

Q: Why am I not on the registration list yet?

A: Make sure you pay you entrance fee in order to be automatically placed on the registered list, which will also guarantee you a spot in the competition. If payment may be any issue, or you are not sure if you can attend, use the contact button to talk to us, and see if we can work out another payment strategy. No matter what you situation may be however, please register online. It is much easier for us to have you register now and pay later, then to have to input information at another time.

Q: Are there age divisions?

A: Nope! All cometitors compete in the same group.

Q: Can I have fun at this event?

A: HECK YES! Cubing is amazing, and we sincerely hope you enjoy the competition!

Below are some of the policies that will be used for this competition. Please keep in mind that these can vary from event to event, so they do not necessarily apply to other competitions.

* Registration is first come (eg. first to register and pay properly), first serve.
* Registration closes August 22nd

Deleting Registration/Refunds
* If you register and later realize you cannot make the event, you can request a 50% refund before registration closes.
* After registration closes, no refunds will be awarded.

Adding/Dropping Events
* Competitors may request (by email) to be added to more events BEFORE registration closes.
* Competitors may not add events after registration closes.
* Competitors may request (by email) to remove events from their registration. It is also acceptable to not show up for any event you do not wish to compete in. If there is a chance you will want to do an event, you should register for it!

Competition Day Timing
* The competition will begin at the scheduled start time.
* Events will begin as soon as the previous event is wrapping up. Exception: All First Round events will not start more than 20 minutes early.
* Competitors may not compete in an event if they miss last call for that event. In general, last call is a few minutes after the last group is called.

Preliminary Schedule

PLEASE NOTE: The schedule has been updated on August 7th, 2018. Please be aware of these new changes and plan accordingly.

All rounds after Lunch will be held as soon as the previous round finishes.

Time Event
8:30-9:15 Clock Combined Final
9:15-10:00 7x7 Combined Final
10:00-10:45 3x3 One-Handed Combined Round 1
10:45-11:45 4x4 Combined Round 1
11:45-12:00 3x3 One-Handed Final (Top 12)
12:00-1:00 Lunch Final
1:00-2:15 3x3 Round 1
2:15-2:55 Pyraminx Combined Round 1
2:55-3:15 4x4 Final (Top 12)
3:15-4:00 3x3 Round 2 (Top 48)
4:00-4:40 Square-1 Combined Final
4:40-4:50 Pyraminx Final (Top 12)
4:50-5:05 3x3 Final (Top 12)
5:05-5:30 Awards and Cleanup
Event Format Cut off Time Limit
3x3 Average of 5 N/A 10:00
4x4 Best of 2 / Average of 5 1:20 2:00
7x7 Best of 1 / Mean of 3 5:00 6:25
3x3 One-Handed Best of 2 / Average of 5 1:00 2:00
Clock Best of 2 / Average of 5 0:20 0:30
Pyraminx Best of 2 / Average of 5 0:30 1:00
Square-1 Best of 2 / Average of 5 0:40 2:00

SacCubing V 2018 is proudly sponsored by CubeDepot!
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How to volunteer:
The SacCubing Staff is always looking for helpers to assist throughout the day of the competition. If you would like to volunteer with judging and running, we will be asking for your assistance over the microphone. Anyone is free to help, as long as you have read and are understanding of the WCA Regulations, which every competitor is expected to know.

If a competitor contests a ruling or any incident happens during judging that you aren't completely sure how to handle, flag down a delegate.

How to be on staff:
An upgrade from a regular volunteer, staff members are expected to continuously help out with judging, running, and scrambling throughout the entirity of the competition. Some of the benefits to staffing over judging are:
-Priority of solves
-Obtaining free lunch, in the form of pizza
-Having a portion of your registration refunded, depending on your effort in your work and the total number of registrations
-Permission to join us for staff dinner after the competition has concluded

If these perks interest you, please click on the following link to fill out a form: Survey
Please note that we are looking for the following:
-Has been to at least one competition prior, specifically SacCubing
-Is 14 or older
-Lives in Sacramento, Placer, or El Dorado County

If you do not fall in one or more of these categories, please do not be discouraged to sign up for staff anyway. We are always looking for some help. Please be aware that we will only be selecting a certain percentage of competitors to be on staff, and you will not be considered for staff unless you pay your registration fee. Emails will be sent out to staff members a few days before the date of the competition.

To view the live results of this competition, please go to the following like at CubeComps: Live Results

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What are these?
For the first round of each event, we will call up competitors to compete in groups. Please listen for your group to be called.
Groups will be called in alphabetical order.

When your group is called:
Go to the scrambling table with your solved puzzle.
Find the scorecard with your name on it. If it's not there, check another scrambling table.
Find an empty cube cover (it's a paper box, either white or black)
Place your cube and your scorecard in the box.
Set the box sideways on the scrambling table, next to the other sideways boxes.
Wait in the competitor area behind the timing stations and away from the scrambling table to be called to a timing station.

Clock Combined Final - 8:30-9:15

Group A Group B
Aaron Paskow Bradyn Gessaro
Abhimanyu Singhal Cary Huang
Christian Martin Devin Corr-Roinett
John Stan Lee Grover Ethan Littlejohn
Kit Bailey Jiazheng Zhao
Luis Maciel Mateo Aguirre
Matias Pissanetzky Nicolas Harper
Paul Mahvi Parker Rhinehart
Reuben San Luis Will Newhoff

7x7 Combined Final - 9:15-10:00

Group A Group B
Ant Irizarry Abhinav Pomalapally
Cary Huang Bradyn Gessaro
Daniel Guzman Ethan Littlejohn
Devin Corr-Robinett Jacob Nieto
Edward Lin Michael Chai
Isaiah Camacho Noah Arthurs
Kris Merzoian Parker Rhinehart
Max Park Paul Mahvi
Timothy Castle Reuben San Luis
Will Newhoff

3x3 One-Handed Combined Round 1 - 10:00-10:45

Group A Group B Group C
Aaron Swihart Aidan Greathouse Aaron Paskow
Abhimanyu Singhal Austin Chen Albin Jacobson
Amir Alibekov Bradyn Gessaro Angelo Cruz
Ant Irizarry Christopher Yen Ansh Patel
Cary Huang Colton Johnston Austin Hayes
Christian Martin Daniel Kim Cyrus Claassen
Edward Lin Devin Corr-Robinett Dan Pastushkov
Elias Guzman Elliot Hawkins Ethan Evans
Exel Uy Ethan Littlejohn Isaiah Camacho
Gabriel Camacho Jacob Nieto John Stan Lee Grover
Jason Ostdiek Jiazheng Zhao Kris Merzoian
Joshua Vallejo Matias Pissanetzky Mateo Aguirre
Luis Maciel Myles Qvale Michael Chai
Max Park Nathan Agan Nicolas Harper
Nathan Wu Nick Anderson Niran Dughi
Nolan Yiu Reuben San Luis Noah Arthurs
Parker Rhinehart Saheb Sabharwal Ricardo De La Torre
Paul Mahvi Srihan Goli Robert Smith
Samuel Low Tiffany Chien Thaddius Gino Rozbicki
Timothy Castle Varun Mohanraj Trenton Beyer
Travis G. Kim Will Walter Will Newhoff
Will Hamilton

4x4 Combined Round 1 - 10:45-11:45

Group A Group B Group C
Abhinav Pomalapally Aaron Swihart Aaron Paskow
Albin Jacobson Brandon True Abhimanyu Singhal
Ansh Patel Cary Huang Aidan Greathouse
Ant Irizarry Christopher Yen Angelo Cruz
Bradyn Gessaro Cyrus Claassen Austin Hayes
Christian Martin Daniel Kim Dan Pastushkov
Daniel Guzman Ethan Littlejohn Diego Asencio
Devin Corr-Robinett Jaocb Nieto Edward Lin
Elliot Hawkins Jiazheng Zhao Elias Guzman
Isaiah Camacho Kris Merzoian Ethan Evans
Jason Ostdiek Mark Harris Hayden Tovar
John Stan Lee Grover Matias Pissanetzky Jandell Ryan Ko
Mateo Aguirre Myles Qvale Michael Chai
Max Park Nicolas Harper Nathan Wu
Nathan Agan Noah Carroll Nicholas Levenberg
Niran Dughi Parker Rhinehart Noah Arthurs
Nolan Yiu Paul Mahvi Reuben San Luis
Samuel Low Ricardo De La Torre Saheb Sabharwal
Seth Graham-Reid Robert Smith Samuel Tong
Srihan Goli Thaddius Gino Rozbicki Spencer Lorenzen
Tiffany Chien Varun Mohanraj Travis G. Kim
Timothy Castle Will Newhoff Will Hamilton
Will Walter

3x3 Round 1 - 1:00-2:15

Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E
Aaron Paskow Alex Vogel Amir Alibekov Abhinav Pomalapally Aaron Swihart
Abhimanyu Singhal Angelo Cruz Colton Johnston Andrew D. Pierce Aidan Greathouse
Amesh Panday Ansh Patel Dan Pastushkov Albin Jacobson Ant Irizarry
Anthony J. Hernandez Cerine Dandy Devin Corr-Robinett Austin Chen Austin Hayes
Christian Martin Cyrus Claassen Elias Guzman Brandon True Bradyn Gessaro
Dakota Hoskin Daniel Kim Harrison Sade Daniel Guzman Cary Huang
David Skirmont Filipp Dmitriev Jiazheng Zhao Ethan Littlejohn Christopher Yen
Ethan Evans Jared M. Libao John Stan Lee Grover Exel Uy Daniel Hayes
Hayden Tovar Joshua Chu Kris Merzoian Isaiah Camacho Diego Asencio
Jason Ostdiek Matias Pissanetzky Mateo Aguirre Jacob Nieto Dylan Marley
Jobany Dominguez Michael Vanhorn Nathan Agan Jonathan Sakakuchi Edward Lin
Joshua Vallejo Natalie Thatcher Nicolas Harper Kota Lucas Charles Elliot Hawkins
Khethani Tombs Neal Sharma Noah Arthurs Myles Qvale Gabriel Camacho
Luis Maciel Nick Anderson Nolan Yiu Nathaniel Tai Joshua Gonzalez
Mark Harris Niran Dughi Owen Machado Neo Wong Chai Kit Bailey
Max Park Paul Mahvi Parker Rhinehart Nicholas Levenberg Michael Chai
Nathan Wu Rohan Verma Ricardo De La Torre Reuben San Luis Noah Carroll
Patitpavan Neel Samuel Low Robert Smith Seth Whaley Seungho Lee
Saheb Sabharwal Shawn Azman Seth Graham-Reid Shelley Chang Trenton Beyer
Samuel Tong Spencer Lorenzen Tiffany Chien Timothy Castle Tyler Howlett
Srihan Goli Uma Unni Will Walter Travis G. Kim Varun Mohanraj
Tegshburen Tunamal Will Hamilton Zachary Hawkins Vividh Sriram Will Newhoff
Thaddius Gino Rozbicki Xander Nikolas Artymiak

Pyraminx Combined Round 1 - 2:15-2:55

Group A Group B Group C
Aaron Swihart Aaron Paskow Aidan Greathouse
Abhinav Pomalapally Abhimanyu Singhal Alex Vogel
Angelo Cruz Albin Jacobson Andrew D. Pierce
Ansh Patel Amesh Panday Ant Irizarry
Christian Martin Anthony J. Hernandez Bradyn Gessaro
Elias Guzman Austin Chen Dakota Hoskin
Ethan Evans Brandon True Dan Pastushkov
Filipp Dmitriev Cary Huang David Skirmont
Gabriel Camacho Daniel Kim Dylan Marley
Luis Maciel Devin Corr-Robinett Hayden Tovar
Michael Chai Diego Asencio Isaiah Camacho
Nathan Agan Elliot Hawkins Jandell Ryan Ko
Neal Sharma Ethan Littlejohn Jared M. Libao
Nick Anderson Exel Uy Jason Ostdiek
Niran Dughi Jacob Nieto Jiazheng Zhao
Noah Carroll Joshua Gonzalez Joshua Vallejo
Reuben San Luis Matias Pissanetzky Kit Bailey
Robert Smith Owen Machado Kota Lucas Charles
Saheb Sabharwal Paul Mahvi Luis Maciel
Seth Graham-Reid Ricardo De La Torre Mateo Aguirre
Tegshburen Tunamal Samuel Low Michael Vanhorn
Tiffany Chien Srihan Goli Nicolas Harper
Travis G. Kim Thaddius Gino Rozbicki Nolan Yiu
Trenton Beyer Timothy Castle Parker Rhinehart
Tyler Howlett Varun Mohanraj Seth Whaley
Will Newhoff Will Walter Vividh Sriram
Xander Nikolas Artymaik Yessenia Maciel Zachary Hawkins

Square-1 Combined Final - 4:00-4:40

Group A Group B
Bradyn Gessaro Abhimanyu Singhal
Christian Martin Aidan Greathouse
Dan Pastushkov Cary Huang
Devin Corr-Robinett Christopher Yen
Dylan Marley Daniel Hayes
Elias Guzman Diego Asencio
Ethan Evans Ethan Littlejohn
Gabriel Camacho Isaiah Camacho
Jason Ostdiek Matias Pissanetzky
Mateo Aguirre Michael Chai
Nick Anderson Nathan Agan
Nolan Yiu Nicolas Harper
Owen Machado Noah Carroll
Paul Mahvi Parker Rhinehart
Reuben San Luis Samuel Low
Robert Smith Tegshburen Tunamal
Samuel Tong Timothy Castle
Shelley Chang Travis G. Kim
Thaddius Gino Rozbicki Varun Mohanraj
Tyler Howlett Will Newhoff

Time limit

If you reach the time limit during your solve, the judge will stop you and your result will be DNF (see Regulation A1a4).


The result to beat to proceed to the second phase of a cutoff round (see Regulation 9g).


The format describes how to determine the ranking of competitors based on their results. The list of allowed formats per event is described in Regulation 9b. See Regulation 9f for a description of each format.

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