SSN Cube Open 2017

Jul 28 - 29, 2017
Chennai, India

SSN college of engineering

Old Mahabalipuram Road, Kalavakkam, Tamil Nadu 603110

Mini Auditorium, Department of Science and Humanities

SSN Cube Open 2017 website
Sachin Arvind, Sundarakannan, Sylesh Kumar, and Vishwanath Jeyaraman
WCA Delegates
Akula Pavan Kumar and Hari Anirudh

The fee for registration is to be paid at the venue. Please check the website for the exact fee structure. Please bring your ID cards for identification at the college gate.

New comers are advised to read the WCA regulations and the procedure for registering is as follows:

  1. Create a WCA account by signing up.

  2. Register for the competition under the Register tab.

  3. Pay the registration fee at the venue.


All MBLD participants should submit their cubes for scrambling by 8:15 on day 2. Late submissions will not be entertained. For day 2, participants doing 3x3 OH and MBLD will finish their MBLD attempts, proceed for 3x3 OH and then return for 3x3 BLD.

Day 1

Event Time Round
Registrations 09:00-09:30
Square-1 09:30-10:00 Combined Finals
Megaminx 10:10-10:55 Round 1
Clock 11:00-11:45 Combined Finals
5x5x5 12:00-13:00 Combined Finals
Lunch 13:00-13:45
4x4x4 13:45-15:00 Round 1
Skewb 15:15-16:00 Round 1
4x4x4 16:00-16:45 Finals
Megaminx 16:45-17:30 Finals
Skewb 17:30-18:00 Finals

Day 2

Main Auditorium Event Time Round Classroom LH19 Event Time Round
3x3x3OH 08:30-09:30 Round 1 3x3 MBLD 08:15-09:30 Attempt 1
3x3x3 09:45-12:00 Round 1 3x3x3 BLD 09:45-10:15 Combined Finals
Lunch 12:00-13:30 4x4x4 BLD 12:00-13:00 Combined Finals
2x2x2 13:30-14:45 Round 1
Pyraminx 14:45-15:45 Round 1
3x3x3OH 15:45-16:15 Finals
2x2x2 16:15-16:35 Finals
Pyraminx 16:45-17:15 Finals
3x3x3 17:15-17:45 Finals