SSL 4 Mora 2017

Nov 11 - 12, 2017
Mora, Sweden

Mora Folkhögskola

Yvradsvägen 29, 792 34 Mora
SSL 4 Mora 2017 website
Daniel Wallin, Govend Avgerinos Djangoi, and Ilektra Avgerinou Djangoi
WCA Delegate
Anders Berggren

Competitor Limit
Entry Fee
100 kr (Swedish Krona)

This is the fourth competition of the Swedish Speedcubing League 2017. The competition is open to everyone but limited to 70 competitiors due to venue constraints. Visitors are very welcome to attend this competition for free. Registration will happen on this WCA-page and is not considered complete before we have recieved the payment of the entry fee which has been set to 100 SEK. For more information, plese visit the competition website.

Registration period

Online registration opened and closed .

Registration requirements
This competition is over, click here to display the registration requirements it used.
Event Name Best Average Citizen of Solves
3x3x3 Cube Mattias Uvesten 8.48 8.90 Sweden 8.489.778.618.599.50
2x2x2 Cube Mattias Uvesten 1.92 2.57 Sweden 1.92DNF3.671.942.09
4x4x4 Cube Simon Westlund 29.90 33.96 Sweden 36.4331.2337.0234.2229.90
3x3x3 Blindfolded Tomas Kristiansson 50.68 DNF Sweden 50.68DNF54.59
3x3x3 Fewest Moves Elvin Thorsen 31 Sweden 31
3x3x3 One-Handed Anders Berggren 13.83 16.38 Sweden 14.9217.8516.3713.83DNF
Clock Daniel Wallin 5.75 6.79 Sweden DNF6.507.486.385.75
Megaminx Simon Westlund 40.70 47.73 Sweden 40.7053.6543.8946.4752.83
Pyraminx Mattias Uvesten 2.31 2.96 Sweden 4.382.672.312.853.35
Skewb Marcus Moberg 2.34 3.70 Sweden 3.332.344.773.004.88
Square-1 Daniel Wallin 8.84 11.45 Sweden 8.8412.1314.8710.5811.64
4x4x4 Blindfolded Tomas Kristiansson 6:42.19 Sweden DNFDNF6:42.19
5x5x5 Blindfolded Daniel Wallin 20:25.00 Sweden 20:25.00DNSDNS
3x3x3 Multi-Blind Tomas Kristiansson 17/20 51:26 Sweden 17/20 51:26